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ALL HALLOW'S GRIM blog party part III-the conclusion

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our initial attempts with the Ouija board were weak and felt pushed, by each other. we tried 3 times that afternoon to "reach the spirit in the house next door".

Time went by and on Friday nights when I was there babysitting. I started noticing things. I would make a cup of Tea, and when I put the tea bag in and stirred it, I let it sit to steep and always when up and checked on the kids, came down, took the bag out put milk in and went to the LR.  One friday night about 3 weeks after Terri's fall. I came back down the stairs and half of my tea was gone. they had no pets. Later that same night, I felt a slight breeze behind me like someone was running up the stairs ( as the staircase backed up to the LR or vice versa.  During the following week my friends and I tried again a few times with the Ouija board. No luck.  Friday night came and I babysat again. The tea thing happened again, I called Sherry and asked her to come hang out for a while, her parents said ok but only til midnight. (I usually babysat from 9pm til about 2 am) it was summer in full bloom now, and the A/C was on, the house was nice and cool. Sherry arrived about 15 minutes after I called her, which was about 9:40. We lounged on the couch eating cookies and watching TV. Slowly we noticed it was getting warmer in the house. I thought it was just us from drinking hot tea and eating cookies. Sherry said, "No, that ain't it." I got up and went to the thermostat, the A/C had been turned off. I turned it back on. Sherry was freaking out a bit.
we calmed down shut off the TV and went to play cards at the kitchen table. Terri had said there was a pitcher of Sangria in the frig and if I wanted I could have a glass or 2, but not to tell my Mom. My Mom drank Sangria at times so I thought what the heck.  My Mom's was in a bottle, Terri's was in a pitcher with real fruit floating in it. Sherry and I each had a small glass, and frankly I didn't see the fuss about drinking, I wasn't crazy about it. Around 11:30 we heard Mary crying and went upstairs. I sat on the bed and asked her what was wrong, she didn't answer me, after a few minutes she just hugged me, and then laid back down and was asleep. When we returned downstairs the TV was back on.  Sherry left, I was like thanks a lot.

This kind of stuff was happening all the time, one night I actually saw the TV knob turn in front of me, changing the channels.  Autumn came, and while there were no more harmful incidents, the spirit's presence was well known now around the neighborhood. On Halloween everyone wanted to come in the house, Terri thought it was a hoot! I wasn't afraid to babysit, as nothing bad was happening, and the children were ok, plus the pay was good.

The day after thanksgiving it was overcast, and Michelle and Sherry were over, we decided to try the Ouija board again.  This time, we got some real action.  The spirit was a boy, a farm boy, as this used to be farmland. He was 17. His name was William Tyler. He had hung himself from his barn.
"Why", we asked. The response was  he was in love with the girl on the farm behind his, Annie. Annie's folks didn't like him, and wanted their daughter to meet a business man or something over than a farmer. their life was a hard one, and they didn't want that for Annie. She was forbidden to see William. He got sadder and sadder and then hung himself. William, now a spirit was hanging around to keep his eye on her.
We told him, that it was over 100 years later, and that Annie also had to be dead now. William told us she was. He told us, she ended up marrying a fishing boat captain from the beach town parallel to where we were, about 20 minutes away. He also told us that they were only married a short time, and that the captain was a jealous man. Supposedly on one of his trips home from being away fishing, the captain had seen his wife talking to a man down the street who was walking his dog. he dragged Annie into the house and beat her, and beat her some more. She was dead, she was only 16. it was exactly 2 years from the day that William hung himself. He was angry, he would have never beat her. it mad us sad to hear his story, we asked him not to be angry and to please stop messing around with the people that live in that house. We got no further response.

It was Christmas and nothing any worse was happening in the house than had been happening. One of Mary's gifts was a kitten, a very pretty pale gray tabby. A few nights after Christmas, the entire family was in the living room watching TV. the TV changed channels twice. Terri told me, that after the second time butch was a little angry and told "the ghost" to stop being childish. A few minutes after that the kitten was lifted up, and flung across the room, hitting the wall pretty hard. They took the kitten to the vet the next morning as it couldn't walk and was very listless.  It turned out it had a couple of broken ribs and it's one front leg was broken. the vet almost didn't give the kitten back to them, thinking they abused it. Terri was really upset, she lied and told the vet that it had been run over by a teen on a 10-speed.

I guess that was the last straw for them, as they moved out the 3rd week in January. The house remained empty for the remainder of the time we lived there which was to the following October. my parents then rented out the condo for about 8 years then sold it.

I have had other encounters, and every once in a while a spirit passes through this old house. However, that memory is seared into my brain, it was the strangest thing I ever lived through.

It is the truth. I hope you enjoyed it!...
well I am off to watch a Nightmare before Christmas! 
see you tomorrow :)


Toriz said...

Poor kitten...

Yeah, I can see why you'd remember that so clearly; it isn't really something you'd forget in a hurry!

Magaly Guerrero said...

No wonder the memory has become part of you. Certain things just don't go away, and believe it or not, we are better (and safer) for remembering...


Enjoy your movie.

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Poor Kitty... I know it was the violence in Butches tone that did it; but to hurt an animal is terrible!!! Thank You for sharing your story with me! It is a memory that you will never forget and wow, it will definitively stick with me also!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Geckostone said...

Wow, I love true ghost stories! Thanks for sharing this! Poor kitty though and I'm glad the ghost didn't hurt anyone any worse than your friend. His tale is so sad though, I hope he can find his true love in another life and leave the place! Deb

Mina said...

That is horrible for the poor kitty! What a frightening experience this was. It would have scared me to death!