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DAY 30- 31 Days of Halloween, TODAY IS MY DAY for the Real witches of Halloween

Welcome to Day 30 of the 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN, as well as day 30 of the COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN, and Day 30 of THE REAL WITCHES OF HALLOWEEN. Today is my day! scrolldown to below my creation

Today's Halloween funny:
 Today's creation is something I started in week 1 :)

paper mache witch hat from Michael's
it has matte gray, matte light purple, glossy black and metallic blue paint. I used the Flying Skull from Dead Necessities stamp set by BOMBSHELL STAMPS, stamped in silver and embossed in silver. I stamped the Bat from the Best Fiends stamp set by STAMPIN' UP in black, and then went over it with a fine tip sharpie. I then put one coat of glossy MOD PODGE over the gray and purple strips. I added bring to the black stripes.

here's a few shots:

entered in:

Today is My day for 
I am not talking about anything witchy per-say. I am talking about making some of your own magic. When my children were growing up, until they hit about 6 or 7th grade I always made their costumes. I NEVER used a pattern. Some I made by having the kids lay on the floor on top of big thin cardboard (hubby would get it off pallets from the PO) or Paper from the rolls at school...they liked me, LOL
I would trace roughly around their bodies...wrist up to neck over to other wrist, up both arms into the armpit area, and down both legs on the outside for dresses and including the inseam for pants...when I traced this line I made it anywhere to 2-4" bigger all around, especially depending on the body part. I always scoured through the thrift stores for fabric or curtains and sheets i could cut down...sometimes I just used thrift store year my daughter was a bride, as I found a very petite old wedding gown. I made her a veil out of sheet curtains that had applique work on them I sewed it to a shoulder pad and a hair comb.
One of the outfits I made using my "make your own pattern" thing was I made the 2 girls medieval princesses. I made 2  identical style dresses per was the solid color under neath (yellow for the oldest and blue for the youngest) and then another dress the same shape with the bell sleeves and all but out of sheer printed fabric, so it had a chiffon-y kind of look to it. I bought 2 old pair of shoes in the thrift store and sprayed one gold and one set silver, and I made Cone hats, sprayed to match the shoes. I stapled elastic to the cone so it would stay on their heads. I had pieces of the fabric streaming for the top of the cones. My X provided me with plastic dowels from his job that I turned into wands (septors).  My son was made into a king from the same era. He wore 2 pair of long johns the outer pair was navy blue I bought him a turtleneck to match and picked up a royal blue short sleeve crepe "shell" as my mom would call it from the thrift store I rolled up the sleeves and stuffed them with poly-fill and stitched on pieces of coordinating blue fabric in a diamond pattern around the puffy part of the sleeves, then belted this shirt over his torso, it hung low and looked like a doublet. I found an old fake fur jacket and I cut that apart, made a mantle for his shoulders and pinned it in front with an old brooch and I used fabric, cardboard and some of that fur to make a crown, the fabric actually covered the top of his head and was hot glued all the way around  the cardboard. I ran a strip of the fur all along the bottom of the crown. I bought a back of gems from the craft store in the neighborhood and glued them on all the points of his crown.

Unfortunately I can not get at any of these photos right now but I will share one from when they are a bit older.  My oldest was NOT living with me at the time, she was living with my X, trust me she would have never been allowed to dress that way from my house.
Tom is dressed like a goth...we bought him a belt and matching color in south Philly (I was living on campus this particular year) Amanda is a hippie, and this was my magic...I found this old crepe dress in the thrift store it was cream with brown trim and a bit stained here and there. I had learned a neat arty trick while with GS which is to soak your garment, really wet. while wet start at the top and drizzle fabric paint in  complimentary or coordinating colors. drizzle some further down depending on the size of the garment.
then just twist it up a bit wring just a little. then hang outside the water will drain down and out of the fabric thanks to gravity, it will pull the paint with it. making a cool design, like tye-dye, but not. so i did that with this dress, bought some cheap bead necklaces in the thrift store and hippie style boots, she asked for a peace sign on her face. and she wore pigtails.
their ages in this picture --April-17, Tom- 13, Amanda-12. Halloween 1999

 I have tons of Halloween costumes under my belt...I love when I made my oldest a "Book worm" in kindergarten.  she wore all green top, pants tights etc. I lucked out and found a red beret. I took a cardboard box, cut the bottom out totally, cut holes for her arms and head, and then painted it to look like a book. She wore glasses, so this was cool for her.

REAL WITCHES make MAGIC everyday!

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DonnaMundinger said...

OMG!!! Your hat is gorgeous! Love the color combo and the way they swirl around the crown. all of your Halloween costumes sound sooo creative! My fondest memories are those of the ones my Mom (or Dad) made me. Darling pic. xxD

Steph said...

Cool hat! What a fun project and I love that blue shiney paint.
Such fun stories of costumes past, the bookworm one sounds so cute. Your kids are adorable, love how the color turned out on your hippie dress.

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!! I love your hat and all the bling!!!! Your kids costumes are awesome!!! I love that each had their own look!!! You have done an amazing job keeping up with each ones likes and dislikes!!! Way to go you!!!

Alex said...

You hat is FABULOUS! Love the colors and the shimmer, bling. BEAUTIFUL!

The costumes sound AMAZING! You must be an extremely talented sewer. How fortunate for your kiddos!

ike said...

Oh how cool is that story about making all the clothes. ? That's really clever. I remember once going to school dressed as a black cat in a leotard and black tights. I made a tail from fur fabric and made my own mask... somebody trod on my tail and tore my pants !!!!
GREAT witches hat.. I am disappointed we didn't see you modelling it though with your new witchy sockies !!!! xxxx

Laura B said...

Great job on the hat! And I enjoyed reading about all of your sewing projects for your kids. Very cool.:)

Sharon Sahl said...

Love your witchy hat - I'll bet it's the one you would have worn to your party. Wow! Your descriptions of sewing costumes sounds so much like what happpened at our house that it's giving me a severe attack of nostalgia. One of our favorites, worn at one time or another by most of the children in the neighborhood was Sigmund the sea monster.

I Don't Do Straignt said...

Gorgeous had Susan! love the colours and the way the swirl around the hat. FAB!