Thursday, January 12, 2012

It is Thursday...that means...

Pagan blog prompt day and I am starting up with Alphabe-Thursday again!!

Here is how things will work:

My Pagan blog prompts on Thursdays will have their own page, so those that do not wish to read it do not have to, and those that do, can.

Personally it is MY blog, and I feel I should be able to mix and talk about whatever I wish on my  OWN main page. However I am also on a Design Team, and I am a product designer for another company. I am also going to be starting to do book reviews, THAT will also be on it's OWN page...what's good for one is good for another right?  I am doing this in fairness to the businesses I represent. It is obvious by my blog that I am a Neo-Pagan, and make no bones about it. The companies know and that is fine, in fact it is more than fine, that they have chosen to be open-minded, and not at all prejudiced. It is in that kindhearted nature that I CHOOSE not to rub it in their customers faces. (Just as I wouldn't if I were a Born-again Christian)

There will also be Friday Pagan posts on my blog. I hope to be involved every week....these will be together on one page...called my Pagan blog posts. My Book reviews will be on a page called Book Reviews.

HOWEVER, that being said...I will be posting on My main blog page each Thursday and Friday a reminder to look at those pages, at least for a while til all my followers get used to things.

so PLEASE come on back later today to see my Alphabe-thursday Post (and if you like my Thursday pagan blog prompt)

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Toriz said...

I look forward to reading your Pagan posts. And your book reviews and things too.

Ah, who am I kidding... I like your blog in general! :)