Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friday...That means Dear So and So...

Dear So and So...

Dear Wood stove, thanks for finally getting into the swing of things for this year, and burning well!  it is nice and toasty in the LR!!

Dear Homeowners insurance, thanks for deciding that our house was NOT a risk and renewing our policy.

Dear son Tom, Thanks for being a little bit less disrespectful this past week. It is noticed and appreciated. 
Love, Mom

Dear Daughter Amanda, thanks for visiting the other day, NOT! that was not a visit. Katie and Wayne could have done without you for an hour at least.
love, Mom

Dear Creative Mojo, Please do not go into winter hibernation, you have been wavering a bit! LOL

Dear "Fishing Flea market season", You are officially begun, and our first vendor position is tomorrow. I hope we have a prosperous season!

Dear readers,
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (in case you weren't here for my NY post.


ike said...

Cool - I'm glad at least SOME things are going right :-) Good luck at the Flea Market - hope you make loads of dosh :-D

petoskystone said...

I also wish for you a prosperous & creative season!

Toriz said...

Hope the wood stove continues to keep you warm, your creative mojo stays out of hybernation, and that all went well at the flea market!

Kelly AKA Muuuuummy AKA The Wiffey said...

Ooo a wood burner, lovely! Thank you for your comment on my blog and for the advice. I am rubbish at the technical side and didn't even realise I had a word verification thingy!x