Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I have been up to for the last 2 weeks of 2011

Well first I never shared the night time images of my(yule) Alter, so I'll start with those, sadly all the darkest, prettiest ones are very blurry :(  so just a few:

 This last picture I added as you can see the smoke from my incense, so I have the 2 kings, The God and Goddess and the 4 elements represented. For those not in the know;  incense = air, red candle burning = fire, in the 2 abalone shells at the front of the table I have water = obviously water and sea salt = earth. I also have a small offering of mulled wine, and pound cake.

Then a Piece of 3D Christmas Art made with Nature!

The Digital image of the owl "Hershal" is from SMEARED INK, and I layered him several times, I used coffee stirrer sticks, one for him to stay on the birch chunk, and one for his sign. I used a piece of birch bark (dried and flattened) for the sign. a small piece of plastic holly and berries from an old candle ring. All that is left is to seal the whole thing. I like how it came out. :)

Then I had a HELL OF A GOOD TIME at the December Open House at THE CRAFTERS CAFE ning forum! They had games and challenges, and I entered 1 item in all but one challenge, and that was only because I lost all day Saturday due to pain.

Then I made TOP 3 at SMUDGY ANTICS with one of my "wicked Christmas" entries...I have to find out which one, LOL :) was my "Skelly Christmas" creation

AND...If that wasn't all, I won 2 of the games at TCC December Open House!
The grand prize is still open, and one last game, and the winner will be picked tomorrow. {I wasn't the winner, but I feel lucky and blessed to win the 2 that I won :)}

My daughter got a new kitten (a rescue from the PA ASPCA) named Napoleon. Here is his adorable self :
 Amanda says he holds his own against Mag-a-roo (Maggie) who is showing him who is boss. He is also very playful!

I wore my UGGS that Amanda bought for me for the first warm and comfy!
here's the style and color:
Over the next few days I'll be sharing the cards I made during the TCC Open House, plus some other stuff I've been making. I hope to be creating  daily, over the next few months, but of course with my injuries and ailments it is always one day at a time. But that is my goal, even if it is just one thing, I want to be creative every day!

I hope you all are doing something everyday, that makes you happy!


petoskystone said...

A most welcoming altar. Napoleon has a bit to go to fit into his name ;) Sounds like you have had a good 2012 so far!

Wendy S. said...

I love your altar Susan! Great job…You've come a long way in your spirituality and just by looking at your altar it looks like you've been on the path forever. Well, you have really, it just is so beautifully apparent now. I LOVE little Napolean! He is so cute and I bet it's fun haivng a new baby to play with. I hope you keep posting photos of your altars and maynbe join the

The Pagan Blogging Project when you're ready. I'll start as soon as I get my new Blog up within a few weeks.Blessings and hugs to all of you.

Toriz said...

Your altar sounds beautiful, and it sounds like you had an enjoyable time over the holidays.

Hope you're doing OK! *Hugs*