Thursday, August 26, 2010


This week we highlight BLUE over at Jenny's Place

I am Blue

I am Blue
Much of the time these days
too many days, too much negatives.
A lot of the time you can actually catch me Cyan
Sadly, I am Cyan a lot.
Even my Iris will giveaway my feelings.

I throw my self down on the Persian
sometimes feeling so guilty
knowing full well that I,
used to be the Steel in this family.
I cry out Indigo, Indigo...Go!!
Leave me in my Cerulean plane, safety zone.

I Baby Blue myself into getting dressed, 
and face the day.
As I slip into Denim and a Dodger Tee shirt
I realize that no one,
No one from Yale, the Navy, Air Force 
or even the Federal Government
Give a shit, how I am feeling
nor can they do anything about it.
I Periwinkle at myself in the mirror
and decide a trip to Tiffany for a Sapphire is in order.

For a while I will feel ok, but in reality
I know spending money on things doesn't solve anything.
Tonight I will ponder this, among 
many other thoughts I can not shut down.
There will also be songs that keep me 
from slumber in the deep Midnight Blue 
of the night,
For example; Song Sung Blue.

Susan Guzy ©8/10

EDIT: all the words in this color ARE indeed shades of Blue


RNSANE said...

I wish I could treat myself to a Tiffany's gemstone to ward away the blues but, alas, since my forensic nursing position of 21 years ended 18 months ago in massive budgets cuts in San Francisco, I can't treat myself to a peanut butter and jelly sanwich. I am definitely singing the blues with my $90,000 drop in annual income but I do like that it's made a blogger out of me.

Nice post.

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jeff campbell said...

Wow...such a dramatic and heartfelt post...your "blues" will give way to something better...really like this post...Peace

Jo said...

geez, why can't a post a response ... you really tugged at my heart ... i get it ... and yeah, dropping a couple of dimes at Tiffany's would only bring momentary and fleeting joy ...

Cheryl said...

THE blues are not fun. Hope they lift soon.

Brenda said...

Sorry your so blue. Hope you have some sunshine in your life soon.

Lourie said...

Susan, I loved this! And who wouldn't want a treat from Tiffany's???

Pondside said...

Very clever, again. I could go for a blue jewel in a blue box, too!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I agree...very clever catch of all things blue! And I also agree...something from Tiffany's would be a sweet surprise!

Blessings & Aloha!

Nora Johnson said...

Hope things get better for you really soon. And that you have a better week ahead too...


btw My Rainbow Blue link is here for you!

signed...bkm said...

What a beautiful bracelet - love it and Song Sung Neil Diamod too...nice...bkm

Jenny said...

You. Are. So. Cool.

What a wonderful link to Rainbow Summer School.

I really enjoyed how you crafted this link.

Beautifully written.

And I'm thinking I could be cheered up by that bracelet, too, just a tiny bit!

Thank you for linking.

I really enjoyed my stop here.