Tuesday, August 3, 2010


  Wouldn't you like to be a part of something special?

How about spreading smiles, does that sound like someone you are, or would like to be?

Doing something very small (but carries a big impact) for the Grand ole US of A?

Say THANK YOU to those Serving our Country? (any "hero cards" these you put a message in to say thanks for serving)

Possibly paying Homage to someone you love that serves or has served?

We all can not go over seas and personally thank these fine, courageous men and women...BUT...Check this out

We can take a few minutes a week (or more if you can) and make a card or two. (we make cards for kids and adults, for birthdays, graduations, mother's day, father's day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Thinking of you, Missing you, encouragement, I'm sorry, Sympathy, etc---these are are blank, so the enlisted can use them to send to loved ones and friends) Here's how it works:

Do NOT say, "Oh I am not crafty, or creative."  Because we ALL are, especially women, it is in our very NATURE to CREATE...we create life, we create a nurturing home, fine meals, Halloween costumes, birthday parties, magic and miracles for our children everyday!! 

You CAN make cards!! it doesn't take much to start-- some card stock, envelopes, stickers if you like, printed papers, if you like, rubber stamps and ink, *IF* you like. There are no rules, there are no mistakes, there are no "wrong way". There are even pre-made card bases with envelopes you can buy to start. Some are plain white or ivory, some are colors, some even come with some designs on them. How can anyone go wrong?  They can't.  JOIN US!!

Trust me, our enlisted, LOVE all the cards that are send over, the simple, the extravagant, cards from the beginners and the well seasoned.  :D  Check this out!
Here are the 2 most important links, to help answer questions, inspire you, and help you become part of the best organization I know!!

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grandmalee said...

Hi Susan! Great work on this post! I've never posted a video to a post before. Do you just put the URL in from You Tube where you want it posted? I know, my blonde roots are showing! LOL