Friday, August 13, 2010

Today is Friday...that means...

something free:

Something Fun!
Earn a business size envelope of paper and other goodies and embellishments; for the correct or closest-to-correct answer.
 Hubster just had a birthday on 8/7 (there is a hint in my "info") How old did he turn?

something Frank!
 after my post on Wednesday speaking about wreck this journal, and about my "missing" contributions to OWH, They did find a listing for my first shipment (but not my second) The reason they did not find it is because they only looked in the list of people who sent in more than 50 cards in a single shipment.  If I was cranking out super-simple "assembly line" cards, I would fit in that category. But my cards are always a little bit more involved (yet not as involved as I do for myself...because they have asked that they not be too lumpy etc) so it takes me a bit longer, not to mention that I may not work on anything for days or even weeks depending on pain, my depression etc.

ANYWAY, I have decided that I am going to stick with OWH, as I said many times it is a good organization, and I come from a family full of veterans, I do this memory of my Dad, Uncle, BIL and in Honor of my husband, Stepson, 5 cousins, and 2 friends of my children. I also do it to thanks and serve those that serve!  I am not here to please anyone, I am here to help. I am here to do a good thing, that makes ME feel like I DO matter, like I DO have a purpose.

Has anyone else ever been in the position, where you are doing something good, something right, something that matters, only to have 1 or a handful of people find a way to push you down?  I hate that. I hate that there are cliches, and groups within groups, and somehow you don't fit into the groups, always just falling short...why does it always have to be this way?  My son and husband are convinced that most of the time when stuff like this happens, it is a class difference(money mostly). You know the upper class looking down at the middle class etc.  I am not sure I buy this 100%, but it does give me pause, as I have seen it happen first hand.  NOT here with OWH, as I have not been with them long enough, but I will say I see groups within the group.  Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone else that has been in this position or a similar one.


The Princess said...

I think I will go with 67. I am sorry if I made him too old (don't tell him lol)

I so understand about the cliques and all. I feel the good ol' boy system is why my hubby still cannot get hired as a FF.

Linda said...

Hi Susan!

I'm glad you have decided to give OWH another chance.

I don't send in many cards myself and only twice a year at that. It takes me that long to make a bunch to send in!

For myself, I tend to look at the one or two people who might not like me or something I do rather than the 100 others that do.

So let's accentuate the positive and let go of the negative!!

Linda G

Jingle said...

thanks for visiting me!