Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday used to be for WRECK THIS JOURNAL

and starting next week I will be returning to that. I hope any of you who were considering coming on board with us will, and those who used to be with me on it, come back. I sincerely apologize for my slippage from it.

I have limited time for ART, I mean most of you know I am house-bound, and really have all the time in the world. BUT>>> for ART it depends on the pain in my upper limbs for the most part if I work on anything, sometimes the lower limbs are bad enough to keep me from it. truly, yet there is also the times when I am in a dark place (due to my disabilities) and therefore have no interest in anything.

But I digress, lately any energy I have put into anything artistic has been in the form of greeting cards for the most part. these cards were and are for OPERATION WRITE HOME. An Organization I was totally loyal to and enamored with, I also made some friends through it.  Apparently, my cards have been invisible, and I do not know how to feel about that or deal with it. I made two shipments to one of the OWH shippers. They were small shipments compared to many others I am sure, but shipments none-the-less. they were mailed in the $5 priority flat cardboard envelope, and sent with delivery confirmation, according to that confirmation, both shipments were rec'd. Yet today I was told I was NOT a donor, and that I have NOT sent any cards yet. Can you imagine my bewilderment, confusion and hurt? EDIT: after this was posted, I found out they did find my listing for my first shipment (mother's day cards) but still not my second one.  I am glad that at least the one shipment, made it, and went along to our enlisted.

I have purchased special papers, stamps and embellishments just for OWH cards.  I have shied away from swaps on some of my groups, and pushed aside projects I was doing for myself to make cards for this AWESOME Organization. Only to be told that basically I and/or my cards are invisible.  Yet something else to add to my own darkness, like I needed to pushed down by a non-profit. Holy Crap, can my life sink any lower?  I mean yes over-all a lot of things could be worse, but seriously to be told AS a volunteer BY volunteers that your efforts are not there, or were so bad that they weren't used, I was also told that my blog was not even remembered for having a tutorial on it. OUCH! I really don't matter in the scheme of things apparently...I am truly lost at this. (see the above edit) I am feeling a little better. :)

I just went out and purchased a bunch of spellbinders, not saying they will not get used EVER, but they certainly won't used as much, if my card making stops.

Anyway...tomorrow I'll have some ATCs to share with you, and my weekly memes.
Then next Wednesday, WRECK THIS JOURNAL will return.

My sincere thanks to anyone who read this.
Be well,


Linda said...

Hi Susan!

I'm sorry you are having such a bad experience with OWH. I was wondering if, when you sent in your cards, if you filled out the form that is to go with them. If not, that might be a reason why they don't have a record of your giving. The form includes a spot for your e-mail address so the shipper can confirm with you that it was received.

Linda G

The Princess said...

That's a major bummer about your cards. I know you were really stoked about them. Maybe they misplaced them or someone else received them (in error) and are enjoying them.

Look forward to see your WTJ entries again =)