Wednesday, August 18, 2010


we left off with the following pages:

43...make a paper airplane with this page.*

45...wrap this page around something like a gift.*

47...tongue painting...lick the center of the page after eating colorful candy.

49...(double page) write one word over and over.

*...I have not done these pages yet.

Here is page 47:
 My writing came through from the other side, but if you look close you will see red (ice pop) and blue (Hawaiian punch)

Here is page 49(&48):

I used the first word that came into my mind, so seeing the word, and thinking about MY life, and about OTHERS and other things that relate, I decided that is what I will be journaling about on the page backs.

I was recently viewing some art quilts made by Tristan (Tristan Robin Blakeman) from manmadequilts. (his blog is in my side bar...enchanted revelry)  anyway one of the quilts he made was from a challenge, to pick an 8th deadly sin. Tristan is gay, which is cool with me, and an artist in both the "art" painting and mixed media and QUILTING but he is also an artist of stage and screen...director, actor, props and stage settings etc.  he is quite imaginative and very artistic.

ANYWAY...his 8th deadly sin is  INTOLERANCE.  Boy I think he hit the nail on the head!  His quilt focused on homosexuality and all the protesters and bashers and especially those who use religion- as in "God Hates Fags" "If you are GAY you will BURN in HELL"  that kind of stuff. 

I myself am tolerant of homosexuality, and I am tolerant of other FAITHS or a person's spirituality. I hate the word "Religion" as you can be RELIGIOUS about anything...brushing your teeth at 8am sharp, walking your dog everyday before 5pm, having fish every Friday, having pasta every Wednesday.  See my point?  I prefer to say I have a relationship with my God. Lately, that relationship is a bit strained, but that is another story.

ANYWAY...Not that I would buy the quilt ($1,200.00) not just that I can NOT afford it, but also it is not my style to hang in my home, has MOVED me...very much so. I Looked at it for 10 minutes or so, and read his write-up about the quilt which included several references of gays being killed just because of their sexuality.  I was very touched by the story of the young boy hung to the fence and left to die(in the midwest), I remember when it happened and I cried, not just for that boy, but for his friends and family, and not just for them, but for all people killed JUST FOR WHO THEY ARE!  The quilt made me think of all of that again, and I looked at that quilt almost a week ago, it's still very visible in my mind, and the feelings behind it. I find myself wondering if Tristan cried at all while making it? I know I would have...and I am a Christian (something that is spoken about on the quilt...the "good Christians" behind the protests, the hate, the violence)

It has been eating at me for a week.  I deal with my own demons of discrimination, I am different-- on the physical end I am "morbidly obese" meaning I need to lose more than 100lbs. (which has happened gradually after my kids were born...pre babies 130 lbs.) additionally I have ADHD, truly--I have poor impulse control, and I am hyper...that is just 2 items that put people off...I speak my mind, I speak direct, and honest. Sometimes this makes people see me as abrasive, or rude. If they took the time to break it down, they would see that I am only being GENUINE (2 people in my life have used the phrase..."you are the most genuine person I have ever met"--to me that is a compliment).

Society has so forced us into only say nice things, that people don't realize that overall, that makes most people PHONY.  If one takes the time, to know me, and get past my brutal honesty, they will see that most of my "morbid obesity" is ALL HEART. I am sensitive and caring and generous and compassionate. I HATE injustice in ANY form! 

I FEEL too much.  I am almost always asked by one of my children or my hubby why I am crying while watching TV or a movie. I have no answer other than, "why AREN'T you crying?  Do you not feel the injustice, or the sadness, or the heartbreak?"

Anyway, I chose the word discrimination for my one word pages in WTJ. Tristan chose INTOLERANCE for his 8th deadly sin challenge. Basically the same, if we can only make others feel this EXACT thing, and spread it, and have others spread it Imagine what we could do?   

Imagine... John Lennon did.

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