Thursday, August 19, 2010

my first time...2 truths and a lie

This is my first time doing 2 truths and a lie with CA GIRL

I believe you have to try and guess which is which, and next week I give away the truth and add 3 new ones.

1. I witnessed an armed robbery

2. I have worked as a lumberjack

3. My family is superbly close and always there for each other

Please check out other people's LIES, LOL at  CA GIRL


Tess said...

I am guessing 1 and 3 are truths and 2 is the lie.

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Susan, I read your comment over at OWH Stars & Stamps this morning. I just bought the image you are looking for, here's a link for you:

I apologize for putting up the wrong digital images Wednesday morning, forgive me please...

I can't wait to see your card when you play along with us at OWH! There's also a challenge at Michelle Perkett Studio with prizes you can enter your card into when you have it ready, here's another link for you:

Can you tell I want you to come out and play?! ;)

The Drama Mama said...

Thanks for linking up, Susan!!! I'm going to go with #1 as the lie. Can't wait til next week to find out.

Lourie said...

Thanks for playing!! Now let's see...hmmmm I hope for your sake #1 is the lie. Can't wait to find out.