Friday, January 7, 2011


 It is back to class time, here at Jenny Matlock's "Off on my Tangent"...for Alphabe-thursday.

This week we are learning about the letter "M".

 "M" is for MANY things in MY life. For example; The MALES out-number the females in the house right now. Naturally this is not a good thing, as the females are ME (disabled) and MY angry female cat (she is angry because of the extra MALES in the house of the furry & feline kind). It is also not good as MY son, has been blessed with extra testosterone! This MAKES him MEAN and MAD sometimes, MORE often than I would like.

I know I call MY Husband Ron, because that is what he has been called all his life, but that is actually his MIDDLE name, his first name is MICHAEL. Our daughter Amanda; does not like being called MANDY, she prefers MANDA.

When it rains a lot our driveway becomes MUDDY, because it is dirt and used to be MORE stone, but it is a hill, and well there is erosion. We have lots of MOUNTAIN LAUREL, which is an endangered plant here in the NJ Pine Barrens, it has shiny long oval-ish deep green leaves and only blooms once about early to mid summer, white with pinkish center cluster blossoms.  They are all over down here, our woods are full of them, like all the other woods around our property. 

The people next door have horses, so in the summer we get the wiff of MANURE, MORE-SO up the hill near the barn than by the house-Amen!
My son says  ....MORE POWER, as in when he has a "campfire" he tries to MAKE them into Bonfires! (can you say lots of lighter fluid or gas...Holy MOLY!)

Lastly, I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a MOM! MY MOM is 84, she was born in Springfield, IL in 1926, a few MONTHS later they lived in Louisville, KY, and then MOVED back to the family farm in Scottsburg, IN. I have a lot of admiration for MY MOM for MANY reasons. The MAIN reason is that her dad only let her go thru the 8th grade, telling her "Girls don't need an education".  MY MOM self taught herself as MUCH as she could by reading and trial and error, and MADE for herself a career as a Bookeeper +. MY Dad died 3/10/05, their wedding anniversary that year- 4/13/46 would have been 59 years, to ME that is aMAZING!  There is a lot MORE to MY MOM than MEETS the eye. Even some not so good stuff, but hey we all have that, right?

Here is Mom and I  in early 2009: will not upload the picture in the right direction making us look like we're in a carny mirror...I'll try to figure it out later.


magsmcc said...

This is Most aMazing in its use of Mots justes!

Judie said...

Your post is Marvelous, my dear, simply Marvelous!!

juanamac said...

Monumental... plenty of M's there. :D

Teresa said...

That is a lot of Ms. I must say I can relate to having too many males. I'm the only female in my house with five guys (furry and human).

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Love your m post...I hope you are able to get your photo to post. When our older daughter was UofL's homecoming queen in 2003, she represented UofL at the KY Moutain Laurel Festival pageant...the Festival is the oldest continuous event of its kind in the United States. It as been held annually except for World War II years of 1942-1947. How fun to learn your mom lived in Louisville :o) What an aMazing mom and I'm sure she feels that about you too :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Jenny said...

What a marvelous post filled with a myriad of interesting "M's"!

I really enjoyed stopping here today!

You are so reading your posts.

Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "M"!


Sue said...

More Ms than a barrel of Monkeys!