Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just a quick note of my MIA Status

Things have NOT been very cool around here for the past several days(except for the weather-cool and snowy and icy etc)

I promise to post all about it. (probably sometime later tomorrow)

but for all of the challenges and  weekly hops I normally join, well I am sorry I am MIA, but it just couldn't be helped. My spirit is just not into anything right now. Health wise, I am, as far as I know--Status quo. Therefore no worries there. 
I have just had some family crap going on, and I am not feeling like much of anything.

I have a question for those in the know... can houses have negative spells on them? I ask because after much thought on things over the last few days, I am noticing a pattern. I did think about this same thing over the years on and off. While still serious in my Christianity, I often thought about having a minister or someone do a walk through room-by-room blessing. Ron, of course thought it was nuts. So a few times I, myself just did a walk through, room-by-room..."Christ proclaiming, Satan rebuking" chant, Positive welcome, negative not etc, LOL

Recently reading about another friend who is going through a rough patch, and swearing there was a dark spell cast, and after doing something about seeing improvement.

It seems to me, everyone that lives in this house acts differently when here, then when not, and it is usually quite negative. the worst part, is that it ALWAYS seems to cause a domino effect of negativity.  Maybe I am just looking for reasons to say it is something else, and not blame myself or my husband or the kids, i just know I am really tired of it.



Lynn Stevens said...

Oh yes Susan, I do think there can be Bad houses. Do you know if anything happened before you moved in? I have quite a story to tell you, I'll send you a pm all about it. but in the meantime you may want to have someone come in and cleanse your house. just sayin!

faerwillow said...

~honestly...never reallly put a whole lot of thought behind such...negativity...the one thing we always say and wonder is if our home is the cause of why we are always sick...i fear i am not the best to answer or offer up some great suggestion...though it does make perfectly good sense to cleanse ones home of all negative vibes...something i do often...maybe you could try on a regular basis till peace has been achieved...a calm soothing breeze to ease each ones mind and thoughts...much love light and blessings~

PatS said...

“Becca at is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you”. Susan you have a very interesting blog. I like your stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog, found you through Danni at the Whimsical Cottage. I'm a fellow Jersey Girl too, Monmouth County!

I haven't read through any of your other posts yet (but plan to after I settle in tonight for some good bloggy reading) but I think a nice house cleansing would be great. A perfect time to do it is on Dark or New Moon (which is this Tuesday or Wednesday) which is awesome too because Imbolc happens to fall on Wednesday.

If you're interested in how I do my own personal house cleansing you can email me at and I'll share with ya.

Anonymous said...

Oh Susan, i am so sorry you are so down and things keep happening. I dont know anything about the subject but i do remember when househunting years ago, i walked into one property, right price, etc and would have been perfect for me but i just got a bad feeling when i walked through the door. I told my husband that i couldnt buy it, it felt wrong and we didnt. I actually bought one which was number 13 lol and spent 13 years there happily.
I now live in a flat. So i agree with the others ... rely on your intuition and have it cleansed if you can.
Oh and just wanted to say, i didnt join the OWOH this year as i did last year,I just have no time to do the posts this time round. I would have loved to but couldnt
hugs to you
June x

just me said...

hello susan found you this year on the owoh tour and have some time to read on a little bit today! I do love those ghost huntertype shows and my husband works with a guy who does it locally in our town. one of the things they tell people to do if they feel a negative energy is in a group of 2 or more go room to room and say "in the name of jesus christ leave our home" forcibly and loud. will keep you all in our prayers! glad to meet you!

littlepurpleroom said...

Hi Susan,
Gosh, Ron looks so much like my Larry with his cap and sunglasses on hahaha.

Hey, I'm sure someone has told you about the salt and/or white sage smudge.
If you need some white sage, I have a smudge that I have used once and there is quite a bit left and I will send you half.
We built this house ourselves so I have not had anything negative inside, but we have some sad neighbors who's negative energy seems to have sapped the road we live on, so I smudged in front of their place and that corner of our land that faces them.
Things have gotten better.
I pray they will for you and yours also.

Carmen said...

Hi Susan,

Congratulations on your year of blogging. Blimey but you've had it rough. I can relate to some of why you blog though and how helpful and fulfilling you've found it. Ditto!

Thank you for the chance to enter your fab giveaway - if I really had to choose a avourite it would be the soap or your ACEO's :)
So I went on some visits and here we go -

MagicMoon SoapWurks - ALL her soap looks good enough to eat but especially the pumpkin or the cucumber!

Nicole - she has such a vast array of beads on her site, a real rainbow of colours. I can see any beader would be in Heaven :)

Love Dezinaworlds Old Curiosity images - I have a thing for wings :P

I love all the Halloweeny goodness on Frogs Attics shop, I love spooky things. The Halloween tags are yum!

The vintage metal charm bracelet in Love You More Designs shop is lovely - her prices are very reasonable too aren't they.

And on Bugaboo I love the Skelekinz, so cute!

Here's to many more years blogging ahead for both of us :D