Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Counter but sad...

I finally found my counter, but sadly it started over at ONE. I was well over 9,750 hits. (since 4/29/10) blog started 2/5/10. 

I also got my slide-show back and even added some of last year's art to it.

NOW I have to figure out how to get my play list back...any ideas??

Thanks again so much for all the help...going to a cached version(on google) of my blog was very helpful, SophiaDawn & Aisha, and anyone else who suggested that.


Aisha said...

Glad to help. Sorry you lost your counter, is there anyway to use the blogger counter and just ramp up the number physically? Love the new banner, the blog is coming along nicely.
be Blessed

Anonymous said...

From your Dashboard page on Blogger there's a button that says 'Stats' on the opposite end of the line that has 'NEW POST.' Click that and it will give you a count of page views all time history....although it and my little counter button have a 1200 hit least it's a starting point!