Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's UN-Resolutions... (hoping it will become a blog party)

 This year I am NOT making resolutions. Instead I am setting "do-able" goals, a list of 11 things.

I am hoping many of you will join me. If you plan on following my example and making a list, and hopefully supporting each other  then please copy the image along with the credit, and the link to THIS POST (attaching the link to the picture) in the "picture" section on "add a gadget" (blogspot)

2011 Goals, NOT resolutions
picture from Suzzee Que's Flickr via the flickr group "Collage Images"

My Goals for 2011
first let me state that some of these are of much more importance than others, and that the KEY word here is "TRY"

1... I will try my BEST to lose 3+ pounds a month and keep it off

2... I will try my BEST to walk approx 220' a day, increasing it, slowly each week-weather permitting (I am not allowed to walk in snow and ice & I know this sounds like such a small amount--trust me, with my back and knees this is a project)

3... I will try my BEST to clean up, and/or organize 3 things a day

4... I will try my BEST to write in my journal daily, with at the very least telling myself something positive about myself or my day, and what I ate

5... I will try my BEST to ignore any negativity coming my way by way of my son, & to point out negativity coming my way from my husband

6... I will try my best to get up before 10 am and get dressed and act like I have a life (being disabled is very enabling to give in to one's depression)

7... I will try my BEST to read and research one + book on spirituality a month

8... I will try my best to make 20 cards a month* (11 at least to be for Operation Write Home)

9... I will try my best to visit 11 blogs that I follow a day

10... I will try my BEST to post at least 20 times a month to my own blog

11... I will try my BEST to add from 3-11 new things to my new ETSY shop once a month (starting in March)

I WILL start visiting my mother at least once a month no matter what the family is doing or what vehicle is available.


LyndaB said...

Great idea~ I'm joining you here:

I wasn't able to add the credit to the image using the picture button...will figure out a way but if you put up text to do that, I'll gladly switch to that!

faerwillow said...

~good morning my dear friend...a wonderful way to strive towards accomplishing goals!!! each year i make an ongoing list of all the things i wish to try or have come forth in my life...its a way to keep me going...pushing and trying new things in life and i never feel let down if i haev not achieved each and everyone...they just follow through to the next new year...i wish you well on this journey and have faiththat you will remain on this path of attempting a better way...a healthier more mindful creative day to day...i am sorry about your blog issue above...unfortunately i am really not that savy in techinical issues...good luck in fixing it...sometimes computers can be a love hate relationship!!! i hope all is well with you and yours and i look forward to seeing your progress throughout the year! much love light and blessings be with you and yours~