Sunday, January 30, 2011

OWOH...I was told I was too early...

So I had to pull my post and put it back in drafts. I'll post the story of my son maybe later, now that it is so close with OWOH, I really hesitate as i do not want to scare away any new readers LOL.

He pulled quite the fast and bad one, and We are both (hubby and I) angry, upset, sad and wondering what is wrong with this kid(he's 24)  I have some art I must finish in the next 24 or so hours, so that will keep me busy til Jan 31, when the actual OWOH starts. (even though the banner says jan 30)
so catch you all later.

Well, since soooo many other bloggers have their posts up, I am putting mine back up as well.


char52 said...

I have worried and prayed for your sons safe return in the snow.. Been there with untruths so it is hard. hopefully he is safe and you can sort out the particulars now,

Birgit said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Wow, your OWOH post is surely interesting and full of information about yourself -- how lovely!

You wanted to know why I started a blog. I don't really know -- I was just curious about this new form of expressing oneself artistically. I have always written letters and emails to people all over the world and shared photos with them. A blog seemed like a natural development -- hah! In the course of time, my post became longer and more elaborate.

Anyway, thanks for the chance to win the gift certificate -- I am one of your international blog buddies.

Greetings from Munich,

Kim said...

Hey Susan, hope things with your son improve and the stress for you and your husband is alot less. I'm thinking of you! xoxo

To Sew With Love said...

Hi Susan. this is my first time to join OWOH and i am really enjoying a lot. I am glad to be able to meet so many lovely bloggers out there! count me in, please ^^)

Hoopie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your little dog was of interest to me because last summer my son rescued one that looks much like yours. Poor thing was skin over bones and afraid of everything, hid in the closet, ran every chance she got. She was found that way in summer when temps here were in triple digits evry day. She is well now and the most loving dog you could ask for. The animal shelter said maybe she is Jack Russel, but she just doesn't look that to
Have a great day , and lots of fun with all the OWOH posts !

flyingbeader said...

Hello, I think I know you already.

Nice to met you & thanks for visiting my blog. I started to blog when I joined Robin Atkin's Bead Journal Project, but now I kinda use it to showcase my work which is mainly dolls & jewelry. I've been know to discuss my three Scottie there too. Nice to met you & please.

dot #599


I found this checking out my blog. I started my blog at first doing stampin up, but couldn't afford to keep up with their min. order's and I found magnolia stamps, and started sharing my work. I had no clue how to blog, slowly but surely I am learning to blog. Ahhh where's the wood stove, I'm sick of snow and ice, I live in Indiana and we have had toooo much, more this morning and more on the way, aacckkk, I think I'll just do spring cards maybe I will feel warmer:o) Anywho, glad to have found your wonderful blog, HUGS! Hope you have a fabulous day! the good Lord is blessing me, winning candy and challenges and great gifts. I always says the Lord supplies our needs not our wants, but he has been supplying my wants lately, and I sure do appreciate it! standswafists at comcast dot net