Monday, January 3, 2011

I sabotaged my own blog...ARRRGH!

I have still not heard back from blogger, on how to restore my stuff.

I am guessing I'll have to do it all over again.

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me move stuff from the side bar to the main body on a page. OR also how to make a page, be JUST a page with NO sidebar.

ATTENTION: Cardmakers...I am missing all my buttons for sketch blogs...I can not find Mojo Monday at all for example.  I need to try and find all my awards again too. exhausting :(


Aisha said...

oh boy, I have done that before, they will get back to you soon don't worry, I know this blogging stuff sucks sometimes, but keep your spirits up. You might have to change the blog design if you want to change the layout look so you can get rid of the sidebars. i hope that helps
Be blessed (hopefully they will help you soon)

Aisha said...

see if you can find archived copies of your blog from like a week or two ago on google cache simply type in the blog and see if they have cached copies of pages and then just copy what you of luck

Anonymous said...

finding an archived cache copy of your page is an excellent idea. I ggogled my blog and looked at the cache to find a copy of the page exactly as it looked in early December.