Monday, January 3, 2011


I thought I would start decluttering my blog, by moving some stuff to it's own page.
I didn't realize that the pages would be the exact same thing as my blog. SOOOO, I was editing the pages and removed EVERYTHING that had nothing to do with that item (as 2010 blog parties I participated in)  it REMOVED it ALL from everywhere.
I went to the help section and posted a question, hoping there is a way to restore all that info.

Basically my entire sidebar is gone!

Does anyone else know anyway to fix this?

Does anyone know how to make pages that do not have side bars?

I was so proud of my goals for 2011 and for my blog, and now I totally F**KED UP!!  I am beside myself over this.

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Wendy said...

Susan, I can help you or rather try. You've said in the past that you'd like to change the look of your blog, well, maybe this might be the right time to do it. Have you looked at blogger designs that you like? That's going to be the first step. If you want a list of places to look that has some really great designs email me or drop me a note on my blog contact form. And I'll be happy to try and help you out. I also know how to put your "pages" on top rather than a sidebar but a lot depends on the blog design you have, the theme just let me know if you'd like me to help.