Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WORK WITH ME-wednesday, LOL

Ok I am still waiting on mailing info on the following people (email me--susanscraps AT comcast DOT net):

WENDY---the year of the Cats-winner of one of the little prizes from the 21 days of YULE
SUSHIQ---Mommy Needs a Midnight Margarita-winner  "  little prizes  "  YULE

JENNIFER---Confessions of a Kitchen Witch--Winner of Ornament from The Longest Night Ball

the ORNAMENT only will be re drawn if I have not rec'd the mailing info by 1/21

SUS--Sips from the Fire Hydrant**1-1-5 blog candy runner up
TRACY SUZANNE--Cotton Pickin Cute**1-1-5 blog candy runner up

** these I will re-draw for if I have not rec'd the mailing info by 1/21, as it has been a really long time

I thank you all in advance!


MoonbeamDancer said...

Hey Darlin! Can you shoot me an email with YOUR mailing info lol? Your name was drawn for my mini-Mexican Fiesta. Wanna get that out to you ASAP. Drawing for a Chinese New year dinner on the 26th. Thanks bunches & congrats!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that I received my package in the mail yesterday and give you big thanks! It is a lovely beaded necklace...I love hemitite!

Wendy said...

I send you my mailing addy. so please don't cross me off your list. Thank you so much for the giveaways!

Jennifer said...

So sorry, I thought I emailed you that info already. I'll hop to it :) Also, there is an award waiting for you on my blog :)

Beadwright said...

OOOhhhh and aaawwwhhss. I received my package yesterday. Glitter everywhere I love it. Thank you so much. Yeeaahhh I am a winner!!!