Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Official...

I have an upper respiratory infection and Bronchitis!! The only thing not infected out of the group is my throat...shhhh.

The doctor said if I had waited another day or 2 it would be in my lungs, and not just the main bronchial tubes.  2 different antibiotics, one starting tonight and twice a day for 10 days and one a day for 3 days starting tomorrow(zithromax) forget what the other one is.  Plus acidolpholus (to help prevent wicked side gals know what I mean.) I have to cleanse the nasal passages daily (which I am supposed to be doing anyway, do to my chronic sinusitis...but I don't cause I hate it...I will now.
And Musinex (also supposed to take regularly, and I do, but I ran out the other day) this stuff is very pricey. a few stores are coming out with their own brand FINALLY, but not the 1 pill for 12 hours...the other one.

I really miss working...because I miss working, but at times like this, I miss working, cause when I was working i didn't have to count my pennies so badly. or when I have to pick and choose what crafting supplies I can buy and when. LOL.  Seriously I really miss scanning patients, and having a purpose.  One of the Nurses from my Dept. was my nurse at the walk-in place tonight, and asked why I didn't come back, I was once again shocked by the fact that very few people in the entire radiology dept. were ever told what happened to me. there were only 5 of us in MRI, and 2 of my co workers never really did believe that I was seriously hurt, Until they saw I was in the dept. getting a PICC line inserted for the antibiotics for the MRSA.  My chief tech, left and took a job and out-patient center shortly after that. Someone that works at that imaging center said she heard that what happened to me, was one of the main reason's she left...she realized injuries were more probable because we were a hospital and had bed ridden pts, that needed to be moved, and also contagious infections to deal with like MRSA. (I was told it colonized on my body sometime before my injury, and then when i had the surgery and the metal pins were inserted into the wrist, the bacteria ran to my wrist...MRSA lives in the nasal passages when dormant, My infectious disease doc. told me, that if they tested every hospital employee probably like 7 out of 10 would test positive for MRSA, scary...MRSA is a superbug)  So anyway, she was really surprised, of all I went through, but didn't seem surprised that they didn't take me back.  She said she heard of other employees having issues over the year. However, I told her I knew for a fact they took back a CT Tech, after lumbar cages were placed on 2 of her lumbar vertebrae ( I KNOW this, because she is part of the reason I got hurt, I asked her to help us transfer the pt. that morning, and she knocked on her plastic body brace, and told me, "I'll never move another patient in my life."  This Nurse told me, "no ______ did not come back with any restrictions" I said well maybe she convinced her doctor to not write it down, but I know other people, that she has also told this to." (I've run into several people from the dept. over the past 5 years that know her, some are even other CT techs, and they have told me she does NO lifting.)  so it comes down to taking back who they want to take back.

Anyway, be careful at you never know what can happen. AND... NJ, NY and 7 other states will not allow you to sue your employer for personal injury. FUNNY, the job I had before this one, was in Philadelphia, PA. so if this injury happened there, I'd have grounds for a lawsuit as well as workers comp.  The initial injury isn't the main thing, it was contracting MRSA, which led to the loss of 3 bones (could have been my whole hand)  and being in a cast for almost 7 months caused over use of the other arm, and therefore major tearing of muscle, leading to the removal of 4-5" of muscle near the elbow in that arm.  That is where the lawsuit would have come in....If this same thing happened to a pt. they'd have a major lawsuit on their hands.

Oh well, enough of my bad luck stories...there are many...thus the "truffles" sign on my sidebar.

I hope to be feeling much better by Saturday or at least hope I do, as I have an all day crop to go to.
In fact tomorrow evening I have to make Baked Ziti to take with us. (Daughter Amanda and her friend Morgan are coming with me)

There were so many challenge cards I wanted to get done...mostly sketches (cause I like those) but I just have not been up to it.

I Hope all of you are feeling fine :)


Me! said...

Ahh, Susan, I hope you feel better. You HAVE had a time of it, haven't you?

toscania-art-life said...

Hi Susan,
get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear poor you! get well soon!

for the code for the ABC Christmas challenge just copy it from the sidebar of the blog and paste it into a html gadget on your own blog :0)

Samantha :0)

Micki said...

I hope that you feel better soon! I can see how much you have gone through and my heart goes out to you!

Ann said...

Well its Sunday now so I really hope you are feeling much better today Susan.