Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday musings, now...Tuesday tea and tips later

Monday musing...is more of a RANT (especially after LOST's Finale, I mean seriously WTF??  or WTH???(for those of you that are more PG-13)

So, I 'm at the very last week of my "Biennium" for "Continuing Education" credits... 1.5 more to do and get this sucker mailed (postmarked).  Yes, I do remember that I am disabled ( 13-17 lb lifting restriction, lumbar spinal stenosis, and herniated disks in neck, and the knees-don't go there)  BUUUT...

MRI you do some sitting, some standing, some walking. Technically, I can work P/T or per diem, if I can find someone that doesn't care about my lifting restrictions.  I am holding out hope that someday, perhaps after we head south, out of NJ, I will find an out-patient imaging center that will hire me.

So I am keeping my lic. up to date.  It would be MUCH harder to attempt to retake my boards , as I am now officially out of school 10+ years.  Ron only kind of understands that. He'll fight with me now and then over the $ I spend on CE's saying "c'mon, we both know you'll never work again." Part of my logical brain agrees, only part. 

The other part of my logical brain says "I busted my ass to get my degree, specializing in MRI.  I just don't have a certificate in Xray, and then cross-trained, like most Techs.(not that there is anything wrong with that...I just got a more in depth education)  I am educated, experienced and intelligent, it is NOT right or just, that all of that should go to waste because I have some restrictions."

Now being down to the wire, I'm doing the free ones on the ARRT site. (American Registry of Radiologic technologists)...which are totally biased towards X-RAY Techs. That is all they offer. X-ray was my first year at TJU, I did NOT put my heart and soul into it, I passed, then passed my boards...all that counts.  I worked per diem and P/T on and off for a little over a year before landing my first MRI gig. That was the brass ring!!

so anyway, here I am, having to get 1.5 more CE's by Saturday.  Which sucks, because they are strictly Xray, and the other 2.5 that I did were DIFFICULT, to say the least.  The first 20 were 2 webinars and one seminar (no tests!) the 2 webinars were related to my field (one was 4CEs and the other 8CEs). The seminar, which was all the way in Logan, WV but it was one I really wanted to take, it was on Forensic Imaging(also 8CEs).

I suffer from test anxiety (only since going back to college later in life)  I do not do well on tests, but I kick ass in oral presentations, and power point.  I also excel at research papers. I would rather do research for 20 months, and then take 4 months to write an article, than take any tests to get my 24CEs.   

This anxiety is cramping my mood for the upcoming memorial day weekend, and I can NOT have that... I am participating in the Operation Write Home Blog hop on Saturday, and on Sunday I am hoping to go visit my Dad's grave site. (Yes he was a veteran, WWII)

I MUST finish these and get them out of the way.  lots of career people have to do "Continuing Education" credits...everyone in health care...even doctors. Certified Public Accounts do also. (I recently learned this)

Do any of you have a occupation that requires CE's and how do you do them?  I would really like to get some feedback/comments on this.

Thanks, Susan


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Tuesday tea is so much fun. Are you joining us? I hope so. Those tea pots are adorable.

I am like you. I have the same test anxiety, but I have learned to practice test taking over the years, and finally beat my fears. I still became anxious every time I took a multiple question test.

I have a friend who is a radiologist. She travels and stays in one spot about six to eight weeks. Wouldn't work for you, but she loves it. Actually, she is a mammogram tech. She is in the same boat as you and can only get mammo tests once a year. She has to recertify every couple of years and must have like 22 points or something. So she must take the tests each time they become available. I can't remember the exact details, but I helped her study one time. She takes hers on her computer and sends the answers to the board.

I am featuring your blog tomorrow (May 27) as my blog of the day. Your question about giveaways prompted and inspired me to bring up the question on my blog. Have an awesome day and get rid of that test anxiety.

BrendaLea, the Prpldy said...

Oh Susan,

Don't fret! Calm down.... wish I could help, but I haven't the foggiest idea about any of that stuff. Sorry. I do wish you the best on your test taking. Breath Deep.... Exhale ..... another deep breath ..... hold for a second....exhale..... do you feel better now? Sure hope so hon.

Tons of hugs,