Friday, May 7, 2010

Today is Friday...that means...

something Free:

a vintage label for you to use in your art.

Something fun...

Burning Question:

Why do soooo many bloggers insist on using word verification vs. comment moderation, and what is your opinion on this?
EDIT to add:
How about those using both, is that not redundant, and more work?  I mean, if you moderate then you delete spammers, right?

I am coming back with THURSDAY'S ALTERED PAGE IMAGE CHALLENGE tonight, I promise!!


Lynn Stevens said...

comment moderation gets my vote. I hate having to type in those letters and usually get them wrong the first time, eye sight isn't what it used to be LOL

Pixie said...

i use verification to keep the spammers from cramming my inbox full of junk( i also moderate comments). I was getting about 20 a day for a while. I turned it off, and the craziness started back up!

BrendaLea, the Prpldy said...

I hate the Word Verification! Such a pain in the rump! I beg of bloggers, please use moderation it is so much easier on all of us! And to do both is ridiculous!