Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today I am sharing pages send in by Gracie from Mexico, and Heather from the UK.

Then I'll give the next 5 pages with instructions.

Ok here are Heather's Pages that she has shared thus far:

and here are Gracie's pages so far:

Nice Job Ladies, some are very different from what the book says, but they are great nonetheless :)

Ok, I believe we left off with "drawing lines while in motion"...I have to scan some pages and upload them...I'll be back later to edit this post with them.

Ok here is what I have done: 

can you guess what I used with these 3 colors of paint?

Can you guess what natural items I used here, hint there are 6 distinct items??


This is where you had to tear strips, and the next page says glue these pages together.

Ok drawing lines while a passenger in the truck going to Mom's, first I did horizontal lines, and then went back and did Vertical lines also (it is a long drive to mom's)

I skipped two pages but will have them done for next time.  the "rubbings" and the 
"scribble with wild abandon" pages.

I will also post the answers to what I used with the paints.

NOW, onto page 33---"Fill this page with circles"  you can journal on the back. Page 35 says "document your dinner.  Rub, smear, splatter your food// use this page as a napkin."  Journal on the back. Page 37 says "Chew on this (with an arrow pointing to the center of the page)  WARNING: do not swallow" (this is a strange one, huh?)  Journal on the back. Page 39 says "Make a funnel< drink some water" it has a picture of what to cut out and how to roll it, and tape it. put water in....It leaves some of the page there, color or doodle on these sections. Journal on the back of what's left if you can, LOL!  Page 41 says "Tear out and CRUMPLE", I am going to reattach this page to my book when I am down crumpling and either decorating each wrinkle or writing a word by each wrinkle.   But that is what I plan to do, How are you going to deal with your crumpled page?


Dia said...

How fun! I keep thinking this would be a great project to get into - & so fun to do with a group!

Neky White said...

I'm glad that "wreck this journal" is back! I'm going to do those pages right now...

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Cool journal pages! Thanks for sharing.