Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello all, I only have energy enough to breathe and get off the couch once in a while. I fear the doctor tomorrow is going to tell me this is "walking pneumonia" rather than just Bronchitis...I've been down this road before several times in my life, mostly as a child, but a few times as an adult. I actually considered going to the ER today, but of course I always have to consider $$. I wish I didn't have to worry about "money vs. breathing" but I do.

SO...sorry I didn't get my pages done, just as I am behind in a couple of swaps.  I do have for your viewing pleasure...Gracie from Mexico's pages and I'll answer the questions about my pages from last week.

Here's Gracie's pages:

Cool huh?  Nice to see you Grace!!  Love the drinking, and chewing and REALLY LOVE your circles!! I actually did this page-but only with pen :(

ok my pages from last time with answers:

Hot pink...vinyl Hacky Sack
Black...normal sized "superball"
French blue...a piece of blue spruce tree

L to R, T to B
orange, flatish rock
brown, Maple tree seed  (whirly bird)
next row
brown, Big dried maple leaf, the edges are curled in
yellow, small different type of pine cone
next row
orange (and yellow-which didn't show up so well), a bunch of White Pine needles
brown, a different leaf
bottom row
yellow, same flatish rock
orange, small pine cone (regular kind)

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Neky White said...

I wish You get better soon!! It's very sad to know that you're sick but remember! you're a fighter.