Sunday, May 9, 2010

so very sorry... & Happy mom's day

I haven't been able to do much of anything, this infection is moving into my chest, I might spend Mother's day in the walk-in urgent care place tomorrow. I feel like I am coughing up a lung. My left ear and the entire side of my face and head hurts.

I really wanted to work on some art, but I barely got off the couch to check my emails this evening, and then come back and check my blog now.  I am having a cup of tea, and going to try and get some sleep(very hard with the constant coughing)  I am wheezing a bit, and that is why I think I'll end up at the doc's as I am an asthmatic. I found an older bottle of good RX cough medicine took that, before the tea, and will use my advair before laying down.

It is my hope to get something posted tomorrow, and I want to wish all you mom's, grandmom's like-a-mom, furbaby mom, and Dad's who are mr. mom a VERY happy, non-labor filled day with lots of smiles and laughter!
Here is a picture of Mom and I on 2/7/09, she is now 83. I love my mom, though we didn't always get along, and I missed 11 years of her life when her and dad moved to FL. Now she is back in NJ but 1.5 hours away, and I rarely have a car at my disposal, so I do not see her nearly enough. We were supposed to take her out today, but I am sick, and I stay far away from her, when anyone in the family is ill. She has heart issues and some other stuff, so does not need to be subjected to the "sick germies"!  My sister and BIL will be taking her out tomorrow(Sunday). Happy Mom's day Mom, I love you!
Hope you all get to spend some time with your kids, or your moms.



Lynn Stevens said...

I'm so sorry to hear your ill, Do go to the Dr. tomorrow! You don't want it to get worse. my Dh got really sick 3 years ago and we thought it was the flu, turned out he has an extremely rare disease and no cure, he's in remission and on lots of meds but has lost 70% of his lungs. So lungs are nothing to mess around with. I'll be checking back! Lynn

Ann said...

Poor you Susan - I do hope you are feeling better soon and get to enjoy at least a little bit of your Mothers Day.

Beadwright said...

Hi Susan, I am so sorry you are not well. You and your mom look beautiful. Please get better ASAP.
My heart and healing energy sent your way.

Micki said...

Hope you are feeling better!
Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. When my MIL was recuperating from open heart surgery, I couldn't go see her part of the time. We were busy passing the virus around my house. I do hope you're feeling better soon and don't let it go too long. Happy mother's day!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Susan, I hope you're feeling better real soon. I love the photo of you and your mom...she looks so familiar to me!...I'm just getting over being sick with a stubborn month long cold also. Not fun at all!!! Try not to stay quiet and not cough...I know it's sooo hard! Happy Mother's Day, Sweetie. xo Paulette

FairfieldHouse said...


Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and for entering my Cottage Charm Give Away. Half the charm is discovering new blogs! I am always happy to see other NJ bloggers. I grew up in Ocean County!
Hope you are soon better and able to spend some quality time with your mom.


Angela Weimer said...

Susan, Hope you are feeling better soon. take care. Angela