Friday, October 22, 2010


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My "E" post is lying somewhere in my brain in Limbo! I know that is not a good thing, but I have been kind of caught up in many a Halloween blog party, and also, have NOT been able to get to a store or stores to get the the rest of the stuff I need to be able to take pictures Friday night under the full moon, to be able to post to the "under the full moon Tea party" for Saturday.This is all I have so far:

and in the dark

I also have some autumn garland, and a whole 2 plastic cubes full of autumn berries and squashes and pumpkins etc, I also have what tea up and saucer I'll be using. (love my bubbling cauldron, it steams real cool, and changes colors) But I need to get some other spooky stuff, and some food items.
But not having a car for my own use, and being at the mercy of my son, (lazy) and hubby (hates to go back out after coming home from work) has totally cramped my style. I'd drive myself, but it has been a bad week pain wise, and I have pretty much been taking a Vicodin at least once a day for the past week,

I know you are asking, OKAY WHERE is the "E"???

The E is for ENCOURAGEMENT, or in my case the LACK OF.

I am earnestly upset with everyone in my family, right now. I know, that they know I was quite excited about the Halloween blog parties.  I love Halloween, an all the spooky, evil, witchy, devilish fun it generally generates!  We have not had Halloween in this home in several years, and even stopped putting out Jack-o-lanterns or candy 3 years ago. We lived out in the woods and over 25 years the most T/Ters we ever got was 12 and the least...3 years ago-2. so we gave up.

I made a commitment, you know an engagement to be a part of this blog party on Saturday. I HAVE to find a way to follow through, as it is one of MY pet peeves (when people do not follow through on their commitments) even with "swaps" when I was so ill with the MRSA and in a hospital bed(July 2005), I made my daughter bring in some of my stuff, and with a cast on my left lower arm and an IV in my right arm I worked on my swaps that were coming due soon.  Just to show you how I follow through on my commitments. 

This is EASILY something that is causing me much anxiety right now.  The edginess, is only adding to my insomnia.  I am determined to end up with something I can present as a decent "full moon tea party" post, or at least an equitable facsimile!  Perhaps, you'll even like to visit my blog Saturday evening.   I will leave you with the link for all the Tea party revelers, just in case.     

I wish you all an ENCHANTED week!!


Anonymous said...

I would like to offer some encouragement! I absolutely love your jack-o-lantern and the cauldron. I'm sending spooky thoughts your way in a hope that it will help your tea-party! Thanks for the fabulous 'e' post!

Judie said...

What a wonderful post! I love all your pictures! You certainly did justice to "E"!!!!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I live way out in the sticks and never get any weeners either. I did enjoy your e post though!

Christy said...

We never get any trick or treaters either - but that is ok since I still have kids that go out. I am sending ghoulish wishes and Halloween Haunts in hopes of encouraging you! You had some great pics on this post! I hope you get feeling better.

Sue said...

We used to get tons of trick-or-treaters, but not so much anymore. I think my neighborhood must be aging. (I sure am!)


PS. I'm sure your party will turn out great. Feel better!

myorii said...

I love the idea of having an "Under the moon tea party." Sounds like it would be so much fun :)

I miss the having Halloweens like when I was a kid. Halloween events are still relatively new in Japan but the tradition of trick or treating isn't as popular here.

Ah, the things I miss from home....

Pondside said...

I love the vintage photo of the coven of witches - great scary, warty ones!
Have fun at your tea party!

DogsMom said...

I can totally relate. I was looking forward to Vanessa's party and life decided to get in the way. Then the computer decided to act up, and is still not playing nicely. Just before this party family decided their computer time was higher priority than mine, etc. etc. Like you, I had committed to being there and I did show up. Not with anything as wonderful as Miss Anna or Miss Vanessa, but I still dream of getting closer.
I gave up on TrTrs after 3 years of not one, and too much candy in the house for me.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Just coming by...hopefully to make it to at least the assignment of 10 "E" posts on Ms. Matlock's fun Alphabe-Thursday meme...before it is time for "F" posts! (I tend to run behind...more often than not!)

Hope you get to all the parties that you wish to get to!

Blessings & Aloha!

Tracy said...

sorry I am so late in commenting I have a week of being very busy. I loved your post thank you best E so far

Jenny said...

Oh my. You have really been hammered with life lately.

I'm sorry.

And then all the things you thought were going to be a joy become a chore and all the sudden you're stressed.

Take a deep breath. And another one.

And let go what you can and do what you love!

Thanks for linking this week to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "E".

Take care of yourself!

Teachers orders!


Sparkster said...


Yes.. tis I again! It has become my mission in life (in this 30 minutes,ha!) to swarm your mailbox with comments apparently! You can run, but you can hide, for my comment will find you and force you to smile at my lunacy! (Perhaps a smidgen too much over the top for a virtual stranger, no? NO! Ahh awesome! I swear I'm only certifiably insane to those who know me but they won't commit me because I'd rock the straight jacket so well it'd embarrass the other "guests". Cringing yet? I mean, smiling yet?) I miss having trick or treaters also. There's plenty of children in my little country neighborhood, but alas they're not allowed to do so. :(

Get to feeling better, ya hear? Your Party post rocked and you posted a picture of some of my favorite watercolor witchy girls, which has made me smile bigtime. And since I believe causing someone to smile is like one of the best things in the universe, you are without a doubt... aaawwweeesssssooommmmeeeee~ (Oh yeah, I sung the word just cause it drives my hubby mad and that's ALWAYS fun!)

grinnin' like a Cheshire meow meow,