Friday, October 1, 2010

Alphabe-thursday...what all the BBBBBBBBBBBuzzz about?

This week over in Miss jenny Alphabet school at  Jenny Matlock-off on my tangent
we are visiting the letter B...this week I am doing a short post, as I am STILL going through all the blogs in the Practical Magic party (I'm in the "Os" now) HA!

Anyway, a little piece of my mind (in it's vulnerable and probably somewhat insane state at the moment)

My Thoughts on how to BE!
* always B true to yourself, your principles, your values, your feelings
* let sleeping dogs B

* leave the past where it B man!
* NEVER B sorry for Being Honest!
* Try to always B kind
* B a courteous driver
* let your inner child out occasionally to B FREE!

* B there for your Parents, they are the reason you B in existence!
* B observant, you never know, what you see might be helpful to someone else
* B able to laugh at yourself
* B in tune with your body...if it wants to vegg-out, sleep, eat or dance-- let it
* B patient with your spouse's shortcomings, we all have them
* B a PARENT to your children, they have others to B their friends
* B aware of the friends your children have, the music they B listening to, their likes and dislikes(this will help you see when something B out of sync with them)
* B good to our planet, it B the only one we cigarettes out the car window--they are messy and cause forest fires, pick up your own litter, if you see litter and you are near a trash can pick that up, B responsible and RECYCLE and COMPOST (even if you do not garden...somebody you know might, and they would appreciate  your mulch :) )

* do NOT B cruel to animals
* do NOT B afraid to ask questions when you B at the doctor' is your Body, no question is stupid!
* B protective and nurturing to your Brain, it needs stimulation, read Books, challenge yourself
* B the friend, you'd like to have B yours
* B open-minded

Peace Y'all!


Pondside said...

What a great collection of 'Bs'. Lots of good things to think about.

mle said...

great list of how to b's! some are easier to accomplish than others - but I have a lifetime to work on this, right?! : )

lissa said...

all great advices, thanks

gabe said...

Oh that we all could be more open minded. . .and let our inner children out to play, then the world would be a much better place!

Sara Katt said...

I was running very late today, myself. But you posted! You made it!
Sara Cat

Sara Cat's B-post JM
Anna's B-post JM

Sara Katt said...

I was running very late today, myself. But you posted! You made it!
Sara Cat

Sara Cat's B-post JM
Anna's B-post JM

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love this. What wonderful advice! Now I need to remember it.

Terra said...

oh wow. I am so glad I came by. I decided with 88 and work my way back to 1. This was a great way to begin 9you at 87 I believe) these thoughts were fabulous.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Fabulous "B" post! Very thoughtful and nice to read.

Teresa said...

What perfectly Beautiful advice.


Well, that was a great set of "B's". I really enjoyed the stop.

Christy said...

I will just B honest - this B a great post!

MsBabyPlan said...

Nice list. I love the painting, so romantic.

The French kiss is an art close to soft porn LOL :)!

Thanks for stopping.

Cheryl D. said...

The picture of the dog is crazy-cute!

Jenny said...

What a b-b-b-beautiful link to Alphabe-Thursday. I love all your B's.

Wonderful advice and some things I definitely need reminded of now and again!

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your humor!


trisha too said...

Definitely some good b's!!