Friday, October 1, 2010

Frenchy's FRENCH Obsession day

Hey Y'all...Join us

Ok well, I've been giving some thought to this, as I joined right at the end.

I am probably about 1/3 - 1/2 French, but I usually do not think about it.

However, I have fond memories of listening to and singing, taught to all of us in elementary school:

Frère Jacques


also great memories of watching on TV every time he was on:

Jacques Cousteau

I love NUMEROUS FRENCH ARTISTS, but you'll be seeing many of the same ones on other i am going to list MY VERY FAVORITE:

Painted in 1880 by Pierre Auguste Cot(1837-1883) is my all time favorite
"The Storm"  in french...Le Tempête
This beauty hangs in one of my favorite places in the world...The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  I bought a small print of this on wood, it hangs in my down stairs bathroom.

This one is 
also painted by Pierre Auguste Cot in 1873
to me it matches "the storm" and I'd so love to have a copy of this also.
It hangs in The Appleton Museum of Art at Florida College, Ocala, FL.

I made a small piece of my own  FRENCH art yesterday, which will be going to Frenchy, if she would like to have it...Would you Frenchy?

"Paris, City of Love"
A Gothic Arch
Close up of Pin, Bow and charm

Close up of french postage stamp...very bad pic, I apologize, they were all like this.

A flat view to see the 3D parts of it.

Final full view

I hope you enjoyed my little piece of FRENCH-ness!!
Link is at the top to visit all the other wonderful places.  I will view all, even if it takes days! LOL
XOX...(what, you think this wouldn't FRENCH without a kiss!!)

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Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Susan,
What a great post! And I love your blog...great things on's so nice to meet you!!!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Oh This is beautiful! You are such an artist! I will give you my address. Sorry. I have been very busy :)
So glad you are part of the party :)
Love the song of course ;)
Love the beautiful paintings. I grew up going to museums in Paris and love and appreciate art!
Have a great week end my friend!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hi dear Susan
I love it all!!!
The song of course that all of us learnt in our first french classes!!
Thank you so much for visiting me too Susan and for leaving your nice comment.
I'll be back to check what you're up to!
Take care
hugs from New Zealand

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Hi Susan....Old posts are OK.
The posts that are not French...Not OK.
I don't delete people because some are not used to link and make errors.
If they do it next month though i will maybe delete them. I have a lot of experience with linking and some people just don't know what is going on at first or don't read the rules and make errors. I let them figure it out on their own...I had extremely rude comments when i was a young blogger when i made mistakes like this. Never went back to the blog after that. So i won't act like that. I believe in good Karma. If people act bad in purpose it comes back to bite them. :)
It doesn't annoy me, don't let it bother you :)
For the comments....Yes....You get 1 comment for 10 views. You need to look at your traffic. Most people unless they have a blog won't comment. Hugs