Friday, October 22, 2010

Altered Art Thursday (late)

Hi There gals and guys!  I am all F**ed up this month on my schedule due to all the wonderful Halloween blog Parties.  I hope you have been joining in on some of the wonderful festivities!

Anyway, this week I am sharing  a creepy coffin I made for a one-on-one swap...I actually made 2 of these identical (keeping one for myself)

 These are made out of Masonite, and you have to put them together, I got them from RETRO CAFE. The kit comes so that you can make 2 not-so-deep coffins that sit on top of each other, loose with a lid, or you can put the pieces together so that you get one deeper coffin and lid, which is what I did, but I hinged the lid with electric tape and glue (for extra hold)
 I put the bottom pieces together, and asked the hubby to use the scroll saw to make a cross in the lid, he used the drill press instead, LOL! but it worked. then I hinged it (as stated above)
 I used a large web stamp (STAMPIN' UP) and stamped it with VERSAMARK embossing ink, then used Kaleidoscope Embossing powder(by STAMPENDOUS), then I moved into the inside. but you can see the last steps which were to put the spider on the web, and a clay word with metallic pigment powder on it..."Spooky". I used a silver paint pen around the cross, and all around the sides of the coffin.
 Here on the inside I lined it with red fleece, and used one of the "grow-your-own" skeletons...but I didn't grow it at all. I wanted to use a vampire but they only made witches and skeletons. I glued the skeleton down, I then cut another piece of the fleece to be a cover.
 On the inside of the lid i glued on a metal skull and Cross-bones charm, a pair of tiny cat eyes in green, and then spread out some of that stretchy web stuff.

 Next week I'll try to remember to share pictures of the one I rec'd. The gal used metal on her's...VERY COOL looking.
I hope you like my little creepy coffin!

Later folks!!


Scrap Vamp said...

Loving that coffin! Great job!

Greg said...

Thats a kick ass coffin!!! I love it

Valerie B. said...

What a cool idea to cut the cross shape out of the lid. (Wish I had thought of it!) Love the little skeleton too!

Sparkster said...

These are wicked cool! Hehe kaleidoscope is my FAVORITE embossing powder cause it's all sorts of rainbow sparklilicious! I'm also totally digging the way the powder pops on your clay spooky sign. Way to keep it goulish!