Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fun...lead-in to Tomorrow's Magical Halloween Blog Party(altered art thursday)

This is taking the place of Altered Art Thursdays.

Sadly I do not decorate for Halloween any more, or any Holidays for that matter. As I can never get any help, Hubby is a grumble bear and my Son could careless. We actually stopped putting out Jack-O-Lanterns 2 years ago. We were tired of buying candy and whatever else I would buy for the T/Ts and then have no one knock on the door. We stopped buying candy, and hubby said if we decorate, someone will show up, and you'll be there empty handed. I guess he has a valid point. (we live in the woods, and for 25 years the most kids we ever got was 12, the least-3 years ago-2)

BUT...I still love Halloween and join swaps and make stuff. So the next 2-3 days I will be sharing my Halloween Art and some pictures. Perhaps a surprise or 2.  :)

Here are some Halloween Gothic Arches I made for a swap, 2 views each. We are swapping 5, the 6th one is for the hostess. I made 7 so I get one of my own.

 3D images, and crackle glaze used on the bottle with the bird in it. Titled "Modern Witch"

 This is one I am keeping for myself...I love the crossed goblets charm (rec'd as a rak) Titled "Sisters forever"

 The foil raven is 3D, i covered the entire arch in crackle glaze...the quote says: "The vampire's Strength is that people do not believe in him." called: "The Vampire's Strength"

 Milagros eyes over her own, added the wings, and crackle glaze to the wings. Edgar Allen Poe line says: "The death of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetic topic in the world" titled: "Beauty in Death"

 Hand drawn trees, grass,  broken out window and spider's web. Crystal skull bead in window sill holding a drawn candle.  This is called "Haunted Teenage Hang out"

 This is "Witch-in-training" 3D elements include raised Book of shadows and pumpkin, plastic witch's boot, 2 crystal skull beads

 In "Bad Moon Rising" the glow from her lamp and the "skull in the moon" has glow-in-the-dark Mod podge over them. 3D coffin, painted black with a sacred heart Milagros.

 I hope you like my arches :) and they help to add to your Halloween mood.

Did I mention I would have a giveaway for this party? I didn't, well there will be one. It will be shown on Tomorrow's actual Party post. (don't I always have a giveaway during blog hops? but of course!) MHUUUHAHAHAHAAAA!!!


Scrap Vamp said...

Hi! Can't wait to see what else you'll share! Love the second and the last arches especially! Very cool!

Ana Balbinot said...

Great post! Thanks for the visit and comment at my blog! Have a wonderful party!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Hello again, I thought I'd become a follower after the last party but it seems I didn't. I love your arches :D

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Susan,

I loved all the photos you posted. Great party and you have a great blog. Thanks for visiting me. It's nice to meet you. Please come back again soon.
Have a great week.
Janet Bernasconi
Janets Creative Pillows

Stampinmama said...

Thanks Susan
I enjoyed your posts!! I too love Halloween and paper crafts
Monica AKA Stampinmama

Kelly said...

Amazing!! And I love the Addams Family and the Peanuts~ I wonder if the Halloween episode of the Peanuts has aired yet? Hmmm...

Princess Rose said...

That was a lot of fun ! Thank you for sharing your pictures an also the info. on the New Jersey Beast. I was born in N.J. and will hopefully head back there again sometime. When I do I will be sure to look for the creature !

Linda said...

I love this too. Halloween is my favorite too.

Sparkster said...

Man you are one busy woman! Heh, I know this is like the umpteenth comment in a row from me... you'll find I'm bad about that when I'm unable to check out blogs for a few.

I love your arches. My favorites are the "Vampire's Strength" and the "Bad Moon Rising" one because they remind me of Poe for some reason and it's his writings that really got me started on my own back in the day. Huge fan. So yeah, these are awesomely creepy in the most beautiful of ways. :) (Kudos on using some of his words in the "Beauty in Death" one)