Saturday, October 2, 2010

Winners for the Practical Magic Party

 Hello, I am now going to announce the winners for the PRACTICAL MAGIC PARTY

However I think I need to say something first:     A blog Party is basically a blog hop, that means you visit the blogs and was on the DIRECTIONS of the BLOG PARTY HOSTESSES. I didn't think I needed to spell out, what is the norm for blog hops. *If any of you were first time Hoppers, I apologize for assuming you knew that. However for the most part I think you are all pretty much seasoned bloggers. I hope you all noticed, that I did NOT require you become a follower, nor did I ask you to post my giveaway on your blog. One or two people acted like I put them out by asking for them to comment, sorry but it is important--especially when there is a giveaway involved.  

I feel if you are participating in a blog party that means you are is a verb, it means one is being interactive. I am not trying to be mean, but honestly, if you don't like leaving comments then do NOT go on blog hops.

The REASON it is SO IMPORTANT that you comment, is so the host/hostess of the giveaway, knows what blog you are from.  BECAUSE....

If I announce that "so and so" won the _________________ and there is no blog name for me to list with the person, does that not make it look suspicious to other people? YES, it could look like I just picked my friend, or a SIL, or a follower. When there is a giveaway needs to comment. The blog owner needs to be able to match a person to their blog.  Ok, off the soapbox, and onto the winners!!!

 The winner for the "Fan of the movie, but not a crafter  and not wiccan" is....NOBODY! LOL
nobody that played the games was only a fan of the movie. :(  (would have been a PM chunky ATC)

The winner for the "Fan of the Movie, and a crafter but not wiccan" is.... Lynda from BUTTERFLY DREAMS,  (3 collage sheets chosen especially for the Practical Magic Party)

She said: "This post is one of my favorite party posts :) I love your trivia games! I wish I had time to do them but homework is calling my name. I would probably get more than 1 wrong anyway, lol...but I still had a blast reading them all. Very entertaining! :) Also, thanks for stopping by my party and leaving a comment." (she came back and played-despite her homework, HA!)

The winner for the "Fan of the movie, a crafter and a wiccan/pagan" is....Leathra from Confessions of a Crafty Witch  (4 special items for her book of shadows)

 She said, "My blog is Confessions of a Crafy Witch:       I have now made I comment on your initial party post, but for the life of me I can't find it in any part of the directions..."

The GRAND PRIZE winner is....Celina from Scrap Vamp  (2 BN books-Practical Magic AND  Garden Spells)
She said, "Hi, and thank you for all the fun! This blog party was wonderful and I do plan on participating! I'll email you with my answers very soon. I would love to get those books, since I haven't gotten the chance to read them yet! I hope you'll visit me, too!"


Now please email me your mailing info, and I will get your prizes out to you within a week.
Thank you very much for playing :)


** first, there seems to be a slight problem**

most of you who emailed me answers to the questions, seem to have not COMMENTED on my party post.  Those of you who emailed me answers please reply to this post with:
your real first name
the name of your blog(and also if it is a word press or blogspot or whatever kind of blog)
 and either direct me to your comment (already there on the PM post)
or hurry up and make one

Cause I'd really like to announce winners, but if you haven't a blog, participated in this party, and did not comment on the my PM post, you aren't eligible. (NOTE: I did not ask anyone to follow, or post my giveaway etc...but let's be real, you have to be a part of a party to play in it)

I'd like to be able to announce the winners this afternoon please.


Susan's crafty chaos said...

Oh what a nightmare for you, having to try and match people's emails with their blog names, I never thought of that. And I had the same trouble finding your blog from your email address (I commented on all the party posts, so I couldn't narrow it down that way), and you use a different name on your email than you do on here so I couldn't find you in the original PM post. And I only had to do it once, you had to do it dozens of times! I don't like leaving my email in comments, but you can get my email and blog by clicking my name. I'll email you all the details and tell you which comments are mine as well :D
Thanks again for all the hard work you put into making this fun :D

Plumrose Lane said...

What a fabulous giveaway you held and all your prizes were amazing! Would love a link to where you got those chunky atcs, too cool!

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog Susan ~ I've been a Follower for ages too, just never enough time, right?! ;D

I understand how unnerving all this blog stuff can be and you could always give my tutorials a try - the one for changing to Minima and the one for installing a background is all you would need.

Scrap Vamp said...

I don't know if I left my name but I do know I commented! So here it is just in case.

Celina Matthews from

Leathra said...

My real first name is Hillary, which I don't generally give out. I much prefer Leathra quite honestly.

My blog is Confessions of a Crafy Witch:

I have now made I comment on your initial party post, but for the life of me I can't find it in any part of the directions...

Sparkster said...

Hey Susan,

Congratulations!!!! You won the cuff on my blog for my Practical Magic giveaway!!! I sure hope you like it! I haven't made the congratulations post yet, am working on it, but I wanted to let you know that you won. If you'll email your address to fortheloveofcreativity at gmail dot com, I will get it all wrapped up safe and tidy and in the mail to you. :)

Brightest blessings!


ps Congrats to the winners of your giveaway! They won some awesome prizes! I did comment on your blog, but I didn't enter the giveaway so no need to try and figure out who I be. ;)

Lynda said...

Yay! I'm so excited...I never win giveaways! lol..Thank you :) I will email you my address right now! :D