Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogger help needed!!

Hello friends... I want to go to my "dashboard"  and when I go there, it keeps telling me.

"You are not following any blogs"  which of course is a crock, because I actually follow over 900.

Is anyone else experiencing any Blogger (google) issues today?

Anyone know how to fix this issue?


Sharon said...

Hi Susan,

I have two blogs listed there, but I follow more than that, so I don't know what's up with that. Obviously, there is an issue that is bigger than one or two blogs. Maybe someone else can shed some light.

affectioknit said...

I did have that problem once a while ago - but when I checked the next day it was fine! Hoping yours is too!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Hi Susan, don't panic, this is a semi-regular Blogger hiccup, just ignore it for now and it will come back on its own :D

Aisha said...

I had the same thing happen lately, so i closed down the google window, turned off the wi-fi then turned it back on then went back on and it was fixed, don't know how, but it freaked me out also
Best of luck

Joane said...

Hi Susan, did you try the following:
- go to your dashboard
- open the gadget that shows your blog list
- click edit
- click add to list
- you'll then see two options add by URL and add by blogs I follow
- if you click on blogs I follow you'll see a long list of the blogs you've selected to follow.
- you should see an add all or something like that, click it and then you'll have added those blogs to your blog list.
I just had to do this today. I thought, "How come I'm not seeing all those cool blogs I signed up to follow?" Then I remembered to do that update. Don't know why blogger just doesn't do it automatically. Hope this helps.
Take care, Joane

Cindy Gay said...

Hit "View Blog" then hit dashboard again. Mine does that too.