Sunday, October 31, 2010

WINNER!!! for MY Tea Party Under the Full Moon

I have chosen the winner of the prize of their choosing from My tea party post. well it was actually the hubby who drew the name out of one of his ball caps.

here's a hint>>>

The winner is one of you LUCKY people that asked for a CHUNKY ATC  
(in a Halloween theme of course)
 and the winner is...

Jennifer from both
1313 WitchWood Drive


You'll need to give me a couple of weeks to make this especially for you. Please email me with your mailing info.


Jennifer said...

Oh, Thank You SOOOO very much and Thank Your Husband too!! I have been having such a sad few days and this truly made my whole weekend, my whole day and just made me smile!! Take your time...I'm very patient and your work is SO very beautiful!!!! Thank You again and Happy Halloween!!

P.S~I think you're right about the undergarment ad. I think it's just a model :)

Wendy said...

You always give such great giveaways, Susan and your son Is very handsome :)
When you get a chance fly on over to my blog, I have a blog award for you.