Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tale....& Tip

Once upon a time an overweight,disabled MRI tech, who has been an "artist" in many forms all her life, was checking out a blog someone recommended. She was depressed, hadn't any friends IRL any longer, her children were growing up and out, she did not have a car of her own and her hubby went to bed early.(he gets up early)  Basically she lived a very lonely and isolated life.  She had some internet friends who were also artists, it was one of these friends that sent her to a blog.

She did not have a blog of her own, but had visited others before and was a "follower" to a few without having her own.  Well, when she went to this particular blog, she saw a giveaway, the giveaway was a month long and was for something called "One World, One Heart". She clicked the link to find out what this "One World, One Heart" thing was all about. Well other than it being about People sharing and giving away things, it was about, the connections, and this woman, found out that there are others like her in the world, who had disabilities, who had no friends, who were depressed, who had talents.

In addition to wanting to visit as many of the blogs on the OWOH list as possible, this woman wanted to start her own blog and giveaway something also, and she did. This was the end of January-beginning of February 2010 and the woman is me.

I know sometimes I do not post every day, which makes me feel bad, and I know sometimes I get upset that people don't leave comments or want to interact with me on certain things. However, I must be doing something right, because in under a year's time, I have gathered over 1 hundred followers. I have posted over 1 hundred posts and I have had over 5 thousand hits. (I didn't put the counter in until the end of April, and the hits count me also) so that is off a bit, but still...AMAZING!!  I also had my 50th birthday this past year, in June.

I am in awe, and I hope that my followers are truly followers. I am sure all of you wish that of your followers also. Anyway, it is hard to know if people are followers and like what you have to say, if they do not comment. With that being said, I respectfully ask my followers to please comment once in a while, so I know if what I am doing or saying has any relevance in other people's lives.

I plan on Celebrating with a giveaway, a BIG BLOG CANDY, really big!! 
I said I have over :
1 hundred followers,  1 hundred posts, and 5 thousand hits.
That means I am giving away 115 items in my blog candy. 
I am NOT counting individual stickers (like they do on QVC or HSN) but I am counting individual 12 x 12 papers. I am also counting individual yards of specialty fibers and ribbons, as they will be in 1 yard pieces various types. Everything else will be the "package". I still need to add a few items to this giveaway, and I will be doing that during the next couple of weeks.  I will give you a couple of Teasers right now. First I want to say that the candy is directed at crafters, especially paper crafters.

Ok...a few teasers... a BN UM stamp set from Stampin' up (retired, but a popular set). A BN UO Card makers kit. Additionally a BN quilted tote bag to carry crafty stuff to a friends for the afternoon, or for a long bus, train or car ride.  There is also COFFEE and CHOCOLATE!! :)

I hope you are beginning to get excited, I know I am. :)

Tomorrow I will begin to put up pictures, and list some more items. I will also list the rules for the candy. OK, all details tomorrow. Once tomorrow's post is up, sign-ups will go until November 30th at Midnight EST. I will announce the winner (s) within 3 days of the sign-ups end.

That is the tale.  

Now for the tip, if you aren't a follower, you may want to become one. :)

Susan :)


Lyn said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the follow at my blog - have done likewise! Am really looking forward to seeing what goodies you have planned :-)



Layla Morgan Wilde said...

Susan, thanks for visiting. Your honesty touched me deeply today and I'm happy to follow. Birds of feather need to stick together :-)

Linda said...

Thanks for your comment. You've got some great things going on.