Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spreading the Sunshine! (or is that BullChips? LOL)

I was given a GREAT new blog award, I love is very different, and totally fits this country woodsy gal!

Clucking award Wow, lots to talk about...

This award was given to me by Wendy over at The Year of the Cats

It is my duty to pass it along to 10 worthy blogs. 

I had a hard time deciding as I follow sooooo many great and awesome blogs, I decided to pick some that perhaps some of my other readers are not familiar with.

First up, is for all the great gals behind the blog OWH Stars & Stamps
 They do so much for our heroes, and for those of us that make cards for them

Then it is onto Vicki over at Change in a Bottle
this gal is always making people laugh, smile and giggle :)

Third we have, Darlene at Chicken Scratch Farm
 this gal is always up to something good :)

For the fourth blog, I have chosen the fine blog Jingle Poetry

#5...Mumsy over at Raw thoughts and Feelings

6... Socrates Artwork

Lucky 7... is Kim over at Tabby's Place

8 is great... Wendy at The Shabby Nest

#9... Carole over at What do You Mean by Art?

10... Nancy and her blog is All Pulped Out

OK all you fine winners...copy and paste the pic to a post and select 10 blogs you'd like to share with other people. 
and also place this LUXURIOUS award on sidebar 


Vicki said...

Hey Susan!

Just got home from work and saw this award from you. Thanks so much for thinking of me, I really appreciate it. But I've not been doing the award thing because I can not pick and chose :) Everyone is awesome... But I truly love that you had such a fun and flattering comment about me. I'm finally getting back into blogging normally (?) so I'll come visit you more often.
Take care...

•••Mumsy••• said...

Thank you Susan for thinking of me, and congratulation on your beautiful blog!

Kim said...

Thanks so much Susan, and congrats on your award!!

paige said...

Congrats on your award. That's the funniest one I've seen!

Wendy said...

The parts I love most about blog awards is 1) giving them away to make people smile and then 2) being introduced to new blogs. Thank you Sue and you most deservedly earn the reward.

Carole said...

Thank you for including me. :-)

I hope you're having a great week!