Friday, November 12, 2010

So sorry I have been a bit remiss

First of all

In my own family:

Daddy, RIP
Uncle Charlie, RIP
Husband, Ron
Stepson, Ron
Several cousins
an x of my Oldest daughter
an X and still dear friend (Carrying a torch) of my youngest daughter
a friend of my son's
and also thanks to those I do not know!

Happy Veterans Days a day late :(

and some BIG news to share, so please keep a good thought over the next few months.

I saw the lawyer yesterday, ALL the doctors I have been to, say I am 100% disabled, AND additionally "NOT a candidate for Vocational rehab. the petitioner (me) deals with far too many orthopedic issues alone to work." 

now all the hard work goes into the court system (Worker's comp) hope this doesn't take sooo long.

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