Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scrappy Sunday

I know it has been a while since I have done a "Scrappy Sunday", My apologies.

Here we have 2 more 2 page Layouts from Ron and my trip to WV and NC last November.

These will be right behind the pages I showed last from Tamarack, WV. We were leaving WV and heading to NC to see our son Tom (now living back home) and his GF Mary. They are broken up now, and I have a feeling our son is not giving us the entire picture. We had grown to like Mary very much, and were starting to consider her like our DIL. they were together  3.5 years.

Anyway, after leaving Tamarack (which we actually went into by accident) we then got off the next exit which was our goal, to go to "Cracker Barrel" for lunch. We had never been to one before. We were both pleasantly surprised. :)

I have to do some journaling yet, on the tag on the lower right corner of page 2, and I may add some more embellishments not sure yet.

The items on the wall over our table. The waiter was kind enough to take our picture.
We were at the CB in Beckley, WV.

I cut the picture of the brass logo, off one of their rocker tags. They were very nice about giving me "paper items" that I could use for my scrapbook. They even gave us of one the menus, which are only paper anyway.

 This layout shows the 2 different Christmas tree displays they had up. It is hard to see in the picture but the checkered-ish part of the paper has gray in it, so I matched that gray up to ink for the stamping of the letters, and to the card stock I used to mat the photos. There is a small tag on the first page for a bit more journaling.

I plan on using the same rust colored gel pen, from the previous L/O to fill in between the gray on the lettering. I'd like to find some appropriate embellishments. I really do not want to use anything for Christmas, as it wasn't Christmas.  So, I am at a bit of an artistic block for the time being.

Page 2 I built a pocket for the map and info of all the Cracker Barrels across the US.
and there is another surprise on this page :)

AHA!! a swiveling picture, that has another picture under it. The picture under it is a little shaky, and it is a picture of some stuff that is hanging off the ceiling.  I LOVE to do a little creative space-making ideas in my scrapbooking.

What do you think?


trisha too said...

Now THAT is cool--love the swiveling picture!!!

Martha said...

Hi, my friend.

I really love your trip scrapbook. I don"t know how you find the time to do all these things. You truly amaze me.
msricksha03 at gmail dot com

Cindy Gay said...

Yeah West Virginia! Nice layout.