Monday, November 22, 2010

30 days of 5

Today is day 5 in my 30 days of truth...which means I need to talk about: something I hope to do in my life.

I am going to do this in list form, 5.5 years ago, this list was sooo much different.

1. I hope to drop 100+ pounds.

2. I hope to have the Honor of being a Grandmother bestowed upon me

3. I hope Ron and I both live long enough to get out of this house, and start fresh somewhere else.**

4.  If the above doesn't happen, **I hope at least one of our children moves home, married or not and helps with this 14 room house, and lives in harmony with us.

5. If #3 does happen, I hope my Mom is still alive so she can go with us.

6. I hope to establish a nice ETSY shop, and have it be successful

7. I hope to publish at least one novel

8. I hope to have less pain

9. I hope my new decision on spirituality will lead to more harmony and understanding in my life

10.  I hope ALL of my family members that are estranged from other family members or the whole family, drop their grudges, show forgiveness, realize love is what matters and rebuild the family.

11. I hope to have a new friend or 2 in my real life.

12. I hope I grow in my creative talents, and my spirituality.


Faerie Sage said...

I like the way you have done this! Very real and very possible goals. Thanks for sharing, your goals are 300x more likely to come true if you write them down!

faerwillow said...

~eloquently written with some very powerful words to remain...

"realize love is what matters and rebuild the family."

forgiving can be ever so difficult but hodling onto such pain is even harder...something so many fail to realize...including me at is to short to hold onto the ugly...

these things that you hope for...i wish for them to come to be in your life...i think this is such a wonderful journey you are embarking on by doing this 30 days of truth...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

Sus said...

From your the ears of the gods.....

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Susan. I'm new to your blog and I have to admit I saw your giveaway and came for it. But isn't that the great thing about blogland we meet for various reasons and we make wonderful new friends. I love this post and think it's something we should all think about doing. Who knows maybe I'll make my own list.

Hugs...Tracy :)