Monday, November 29, 2010

2 new awards

I've rec'd 2 more awards, and there no hard and fast rules about these.
One I do think I'll pass along to a few people...Perhaps one of these people can figure out how to put the name on the particular picture of the award, as it comes with the name as a label.

I rec'd both of these awards from JINGLE

ok first is ...                      "The Elegant Butterfly award"

this is the one I want to share with several people, which I will edit in later (since it is 4:30 am, and I need to try and sleep (LOL)  

(anyone who I send this to, if you can do digital work and add the words elegant butterfly award to the image in some pretty way, I'D SOOO appreciate it)

the other is ...

now I have only done one or 2 short little poems so far on this blog, and there are a couple of reasons for that.  One I do not have a water mark, which is part of reason 2...afraid someone will still it. I am a published poet, and have been writing poetry since I was in middle school. (My mom says I wrote some in elementary school also...she'd know)

I am working on one coming up for YULE, but mostly my writing efforts these days are taking notes in my new self learning  alone my spiritual path, and a Novel I'm starting.

So This award is going to be added to my side bar, now. The "Elegant Butterfly Award" I will add when someone makes a it better. 

I thank you JINGLE and if you'd like me to send it back to you when it has writing on it let me know.


Sara said...

congratulations on your awards. I didnt realise you are a poet. I have wriiten a few poems as well.

Lyn said...

Congrats on the awards :-)

faerwillow said...

~congrats on your awards...i have been writing poetry since i was eight years old {and i still hav eit...hehehe}...what started as a four line poem opened the doors to my passion for writing! i wish you well on this adventure of novel writing...may you be filled with words and inspiration to fuel your mind to write and continue on till its complete...warm wishes and brightest blessings~