Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday muse

Why is everyone in such a hurry all the time? Driving, shopping, reading etc.

I remember as a little girl being in the car with my mother who was always saying, "there goes another one--in a hurry to get to the graveyard"  One day I finally asked her what that meant. She said, "that those drivers were not going to get to their planned destination any faster by driving recklessly and speeding, and the only place they would arrive would be the graveyard, as in they got killed in a car wreck."  My mother did not go past the eighth grade (she grew up on a farm in Indiana during the depression, and her father pulled her from school telling her "girls did not need an education") But she is a self made woman, and NO DUMMY!!

I see the people on the roads that are "in a hurry to get to the graveyard" I am sure you have also.

I am not saying I never go over the speed limit, as I do. In fact when I am on a highway, and the roads are dry and the sun is shining, I will generally set the cruise control for 9 miles over the speed limit. Why 9?  because most police officers will not bother you unless you are going over the speed limit by 10 miles or more. It simply is not worth the time to them, it is a not a big money ticket.  However, I do not zig and zag in and out of lanes. I do not tailgate, and I do not wait til the last moment to hit the brakes. In addition I always leave at least 3 car lengths between me and the guy in front of me.

It seems to me, that as the speed limits rise, people drive faster and faster, along with each generation seems to drive a bit faster (maybe that is just me).

I also notice that people do not take the time to read things...they skim over, glance at cards received or instructions on how to put something together or how to use something. I have witnessed this all my life with children...not just my own--2 of which are ADHD so they are in a funk of poor organizational skills, and easily distracted to begin with. However as a Girl Scout Leader and Trainer, and a cub scout den mom, and a Sunday school teacher it never ceased to amaze me how many kids just could not follow simple instructions. Verbal instructions were bad enough, but written ones? right there in front of them? was it a reading issue in general? I do not think in all the kids I saw it in.

Again as I got older I began to notice this in adults also.  I see it right here in BLOGLAND.
Following written instructions, seems to be a forgotten skill.

It has happened on my blog SEVERAL times when it comes to giveaways, and I KNOW it has happened on other blogs on giveaways, because some of these said blogs are my friends, and some I just read the other comments. Many of these people think they are in the running for a great prize or giveaway, when in fact they will not be included because they did not follow instructions...did they only skim over, do they not know the meaning of some words, is it an issue with not being able to read?  I think they are just in a hurry.

SO...I ask again, WHY is everyone in such a hurry?

I look forward to your answers.


Faerie Sage said...

I have to agree with you, the more time I spend in the world the more I realize that people are just in to much of a hurry. I hope for everyones sake that people slow down and pay more attention. As to the reading part, mostly I do believe it is a lack of attention, people just dont seem to be able to focus on one thing for more than just a few min. (try watching an old movie, most people will say its boring, but that just because it isnt using huge explosions and plot twists every few min. which is required nowadays to keep peoples attention)The average attention span is much shorter, and people dont even try to pay attention unless they think its really important, then they 'try'. I do believe that the populations reading skills are a far cry from where they should be in our so called literate society. So I guess I think its an attention span issue, our population has been taught/conditioned to have a short attention span, through media, daily life in an office etc etc.

Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

Totally agree. I was an English teacher and noticed this very thing. I devised a tricky plot from something I remembered reading a long time ago. It was a list of written instruction - quite a lengthy one and the first instructions was to read through all the instructions first. Then it went on to ask questions and pose problems to be solved and one was even something like hopping on one foot until the teacher notices you. The very last thing was "do not do any of the above." Not very many read through all of the instructions, so it was really entertaining for me, ha ha! But also a good lesson that I don't think they forgot. :)

As for speed limits - I drove through Wyoming and Montana where the speed limits are 75-85 and I have to say it was kinda scary. Of course most parts outside the cities it was mostly flat, no turns, and hardly any traffic to speak of...unless you count buffalo and antelope.