Thursday, December 30, 2010

12 days of YULE with Lady Cattra, day 10

Today for my day 10, I am posting some questions for those in the know, for those well on their paths. I am still reading...and thus far i am finding that Wicca seems to be a LOT or work, yet most people that practice the craft do not seem to be involved with that much work. So I have some questions.

If you care to answer privately email me.  But I am ok with answers here, and after my anniversary, there will be separate pages for items on my blog.

Question #1:  Do I have to be Wiccan, to practice the craft?

Question #2: MUST I take a ritual bath before every ritual? (disabled, getting down into, and up out of a tub is difficult for me, I do this extremely rarely...though I used to love a good soak)

Question #3: MUST I study astrology to the point that I can do full charting?

Question #4: MUST I take up a musical instrument and lessons?($ is an issue)

Question #5: Do I really need to dance at least once a week?(disabled)

Question #6: Must I really sit on the ground, if I am in an outdoor circle? (disabled)

Question #7:  Do I HAVE to take formal year and a day classes? ($ is an issue)

Question #8: The book I read says never charge money for your craft, yet I know several people charge for Tarot readings,  so is it some stuff is ok, or what--confused?

Question #9: Do I HAVE to wear special clothes for rituals? (I think I may have an issue with size, and $)

Question #10: Do I HAVE to wear special jewelry for rituals?($ could end up being an issue)

PLEASE, help a newbie out! THANK YOU

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Anonymous said...

I will give you my answers to your questions based on my beliefs and path. The short answers to all the questions except question 8 is...No. You don't HAVE to do any of those things. And number 8 is yes, it is ok. A fair exchange of money for work is fine. Do you want deeper, longer answers here in the comments? Just email me if you want more of my thoughts. sophiadawn2003 at

Wendy said...

I'm going to pose your questions on my blog if that's o.k. with you, Sue. I'll be answering my own beliefs but I'd love to hear what others say too. I think you posed some great questions and am really proud of you that you're so willing to follow this new direction in your life. Just email me or tell me "yay" or "nay" on my blog contact form, either way. If you want only me to just personally answer these questions, I'll email you with my answers.