Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rough Weekend

 We have had a rough weekend...thus my MIA status.

20"+ snow started Christmas afternoon and then it snowed round the clock until Monday morning, NJ and down to NC and including NC were in a state of "Snow Emergency"...

No internet or television on and off on Sunday and then for approx. 24 hours.(Monday)  Monday: No power for 3+ hours, came back on for about 45-50min. then off again for 30 min. then back on for over 1 hour and then back off for approx. 5 hours.

Ron's Lymphodema (in one lower leg has been bad, he refuses to wear THE socks, but he is taking the water pill) PLUS his Neuropathy in the legs has been bad, the leg that is swollen, he has been getting cramping in the thigh, please put him on your prayer list, or light a healing candle etc.

For myself, this winter (which is just new) is really affected my hand/wrist (with the missing bones) a LOT more than any winter since it happened in 2005. Of course it also affecting my spine and knees, but the wrist has been actually surprisingly bad. (I might try my tens unit later)

Other than that, Tom has had his root canal and temporary crown put in, and his car window has been fixed.(if he opened it he couldn't close it most of the time--not good for the winter)

I hope everyone else fared a bit better this past weekend. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR HOW MUCH SNOW Y'ALL HAD!!


Anonymous said...

Here in the STLouis area, we had about 4" of snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. It was pretty!

Lynn Stevens said...

I heard about all the snow you have had there. oh my gosh. I do hope things are getting better. Our Tempetures are dropping now and were expecting more snow , but we had a dry Christmas. Go figure!