Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday (on Saturday)

Hi all, sorry to be so late we are dealing with a bad tooth in the house (son) getting Root canal in a week, unless a spot opens up sooner. The Poor kid has been in agony.  Please keep a good thought. I do believe the antibiotics are starting to help, but only time will tell. ...THEN we lost power for a few hours. last night and today.

On to why we're here...It's Alphabe-Thursday on Saturday, LOL...This week's letter is the Letter "L"
please stop over at Jenny's place to learn about other "L's"

L is for LIFE

Here are some images from my life

 My Godson, Christopher's wedding 7/8/05, I grabbed the wrong picture, sorry--they both have funny faces here.   My wrist had just had it's first surgery about 6 days before, I am in a cast here. a week later I was in the hospital having I&D surgery and was DXed with MRSA. (we all know how that story ended)
Our daughter Amanda and my great niece, Jessica. They are the same age-Amanda is 4 months older
 My nieces Dana(Jess's mom) and her younger sister Jennifer.
 My nephew, George and his wife Holly. George is Christopher's older brother.
 My oldest daughter April, she caught the bouguet.
My niece Jennifer, her mother-my sister Barbara, and Jenn's husband Charlie.
 My Hand surgeon "Stash" (Dr. Stanley Maryczk) and his assistant Louise.
Ron (hubby) holding Jennifer's first born, Emma at her "welcome baby party."
 The Late Princess "Boots(ie)"  RIP(Dec. 09).  Along with some of our geese with babies. (we are now down to only 2 geese) and the chickens have been gone a while. We were going to get a new flock, but we think our son's dog will chase, catch and kill them.
Amanda, Trisha(my niece-in-law...married to Christopher) and I at her baby shower, 3 summers ago.

Last winter, the first of 3 storms in a row. I had just started my blog. It is February, and after the 3rd storm we had approx. 30" of snow in the yard.

 above 7am--below 1:15pm
The "king" with his wine and cheese doodles (after doing firewood)
One of My "winnings" from the ONE WORLD ONE HEART annual blog event. The crocheted (I think) shawl which came with other goodies! I won 9 prizes last year,after visiting over 1,000 blogs in a weeks time. I made a lot of friends, and started following over 500 blogs. The rest is history!

 Amanda and I at an all day scrapbooking event (crop) for charity, in this case, it was to raise money for a boy scout troop that needed new tents. (March)

 We bought a new ride-on mower (new to us) in April. Here are Ron (hat) Amanda and her friend Doug, starting to get it on the truck, while the previous owner looks on, and the end result.

 Our newest family member "Maggie"  around the same time.
Amanda named her and and took her with her when she moved out this past September.
 Ron and Maggie sleeping in the "King's" throne. (shhh you can see my fat legs at the computer to their right)
Tom moved home in May, but didn't go back to NC to get his stuff and his dog and cat until July 4th weekend. (before this and it was blogged about was our Fire in Tom's room on 6/6/10)
This is "Pico" which is actually short for  "Pico De Gallo" which is a food item.
 He is a terrier mix, about 3 years old. Pico is extremely playful and fun!
Pico has totally "killed" 4 basketballs and 1 soccer ball between then and now.  We swear he has shaken baby syndrome, the way he shakes the balls!
One tired Poochie!

This is "Caesar"  short for  "Caesar, like the salad".  He is a "Hemingway" having 6 digits on his front paws, see his thumb?  Tom used to have a Hamster named "Waffles" also.

End of Oct. early Nov.
some shots from around the very front part of our property.
 The tree below is the one I used to FILL with clear lights every Christmas, it was about 6-7 feet high when we moved in, in 1986, as you can see it is taller than the house now. (I posted about the loveliness of this tree and the story of my neighbor I believe, if not, I will I promise.)
 this is just the very top of the LARGE Canopy Maple just up the hill from the house near the clothesline, swing set and sand box. Most of it's yellow leaves all ready gone.

The base of one of the HUGE Pine in the very front corner of our property, see our neighbor's house next door, He and his boys are living down town with his folks, we was a cop, a Lt. broke his neck in a car wreck, is now very depressed, his wife left him and the boys before the wreck, but that was quite an ordeal, anyway, his Dad is now dealing with cancer also, so we only see him once in a while) and our Bocci Ball court (needs some TLC)
 Here is the top of one of our 3 Blue spruces up near the swing set etc.

Here is the bottom of that large canopy Maple, See here also how it towers over the house, and on one side is on quite a hill. This is the tree that worries me the most when we have a strong Nor-Easter!
 Above is a more distant view of the same tree and the limb off the large maple right next to our front door (actually the side door but it is where the driveway is so we use it, as did the previous owners) That other door you see, is the entrance to what used to be my late MIL's apt. now just part of our house now. the deck above is off our Master bedroom. The builder made it 100% flat, which has cause constant leaking and structural damage we have had 3 other contractors in to try and fix, so now Hubby has roofed it to help with the rain, it is now finished yet. (like many of the projects in our home. We have no $, and he has no help, well now he has our son, but generally that is on Saturdays only (more on this later) or after hubs gets home from work on tom's day off)

Below is my "Pretty" who loves to follow me around when I go outside. Like our late Bootsie, she also LOVES "leaf" season!
 Yet another one of our maples.
 Some oaks that are actually behind the barn.
I took this picture looking past the wishing well, swing set etc.
 a view of our 3 blue spruces.
  A locust tree on this side of the driveway, and a Maple on the other side and the light pole in between.
 This is the same kind of pine that is down by the Bocci Ball court. and next to it are 2 Hemlocks. There are also 2 hemlocks across the driveway from this. you can maybe make out the old dog house and one of our old rabbit hutches here. This "Mess" of chairs etc, is left from Son's campfire. I am still waiting for him to clean it up.
The barn is about 20 feet past all of this.

 Here is my "Pretty" again.
 A very OLD Red Cedar, at the front gate, which leads to front door we do not use. Note the old plow up against it.
 Looking down the fence from the Cedar to the driveway you see our forsythia and some of our Bridal  Veils. Also a second plow.
This is only part of my "front" property. We have 4.77 acres. There is a larger piece beyond the barn, that is fully wooded.

Here is what keeps my son Tom busy on Sundays. AIR SOFT. (like paint ball but with pellets)
His team is called "The Knights of Jersey" they are part of "Ocean County Air Soft League" this picture was taken at a charity Tournament "Shots for Tots". They tied for first place. The Tournament raised over $4,000 which goes to "Toys for Tots".
Thomas is head of the squadron often, his entire team say he has "Mad skillz".
3 people are not here today. Thomas is second from the left standing.

Thanks for taking a small peek into my life.


H said...

What a lovely insight into your life and family :)

You have lots of animals (past and present). I've often wondered about keeping hens, but we have foxes visit our garden nightly and I suspect the hens wouldn't last long. Even fenced in, I wouldn't rate their chances!

My sympathies to your son. Tooth infections are agony!!!

Beadwright said...

Susan this is an absolutely beautiful post. You are beautiful as is your family.

Ames said...

You have a life full of wonderful blessings. Thanks for sharing this with us! Merry Christmas!~Ames

Splendid Little Stars said...

lots of happy things here! (The little baby looks like a china doll.) The amount of snow is amazing.
Hope your son is soon on the mend.


I love the look into your life. Those were awesome photos and I loved looking through them and getting to know you.

Jenny said...

Oh Susan!

I love the way you view the world. Your family and joy in everything about them, just fills my heart with a smile.

I feel so badly for your poor son. By now I hope this is all better and he's ready to enjoy some Christmas cookies and fudge.

Please accept my apologies for my lateness in visiting this week. And please accept my holiday wishes that you and your loved ones have a Christmas filled with joy, peace and love.

Thank you for linking.