Saturday, November 19, 2011

ER visit last night

Well, I am behind a day in my blogging and lost 2 days (I hope no others, creating and -dare I say it-cleaning up)
I spent about 4 hours in the ER last night. Ron and I were driving back home from a visit with our insurance agent, and all of a sudden my throat felt like there was a large blob in their (hate to be gross but, you  know from post nasal drip) well, I tried clearing my throat and bringing up whatever it was.
there was nothing to bring up, and I actually could "NOT" clear my throat. my mouth was getting drier and drier, and this blob now seemed to actually be my throat, I took a drink of Ron's diet coke, it went down, but gave no relief. I told him about 5 minutes away from the house, it felt like my throat was closing up. He asked if I was, I'm not sure, it has never happened before, but it is what it feels like.....My words were coming out in pieces and forced, I couldn't seem to swallow. He pulled into the DR and ran in to get Tom (because Ron has bad night blindness, BAD) Naturally Tom did nothing but bitch and complain that he didn't want to send his night in the hospital. You have no idea the abuse I take at this kids hand(mouth)  Ron won't throw him out, and I suppose he has his valued points...He is confused once in a while, he does have memory lapses once in a while. he is 70, we need help. although Tom doesn't really do much, and when he does he does nothing but BITCH about it.  BTW, after about 30 minutes, he left and told me to call him, when I was ready to come home. NIIIICE!!!!
I really do not know how much more I can take...

Anyway, they initially did all the vitals crap, and by now I was also in a deep panic attack. they took blood hooked me up briefly to saline, but left the hep lock in my arm. after a CT scan on my neck and a chest XR, they said nothing was out of the norm. but then the blood work came back, and something showed signs of now to US for my legs and Nuc med for a VQ san of my lungs...but they gave me a shut of Decadron (like a cortisone type thing to shrink inflammation) which it the time I was done in US, the blob /lump/whatever it was was palpably smaller, the the US tech noticed that when I laid my head to the right and spoke my words were normal, when I faced up and spoke I was horse.  we both discussed the possibility of there being something on my vocal cords.
I went to Nuc med, and had the mask with the radioactive stuff to breath in, and then the stuff added to my IV line.. I noticed the lump bothered me more laying back, after being her, US and CT.  When I got back to my "cubby" they took the bag away as stated above.  They let me go to the bathroom, and they were going to get me some food. 10 minutes later, the doctor came in said everything looked fine, and that she believed it is a swollen lymph node, which can happen, I reminded her I was a health care worker, and a swollen lymph node in the neck is indicative of Sarcoidosis, and shouldn't they be testing for that.  QUOTE---we don't do that here, need to go see an ENT(ears, nose and throat)"...just getting an appt with one of these docs can take a month. I have one, but she is only in the office a few days a week and over an hour away.
they gave me an RX for 3 days of Predisone for the lymph node and zythromax for  my pharingitis (which is actually inflammation ( inflammation), and I asked and she said, well we feel you have a little throat infection also
today my upper chest and lower neck are feeling "thick" and achy, and I can not talk for very long before my voice gets thick and scratchy.  I also haven't slept well. not last night or today.  I am heading back over to lay down for a while now. please keep good thoughts for me.

I have to post my thankful post, and I was trying to post something wonderful that has being HAPPENING in my life for a change instead of always negative crap!   we'll see how I am doing later!
Thanks for your visit!
xoxo Susan


juli (sweetpz) said...

Sending you happy positive thoughts! take care of yourself.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh no, sending big scottish hugs your way, Hazelxox

petoskystone said...

sorry you've had such a poorly few days. hope you're feeling better soonest :/

Anonymous said...

Jeepers, that sounds scary - I hope you get better real soon - sending healthy healing thoughts your way!!
Brightest Blessings )O(

Mina said...

I sure hope you feel better soon, Susan. What an awful scare! Please take care of yourself and I will send you healing thoughts, my friend. Hugs, Mina

wickedfaerie said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I was ill a couple of years ago. For over 7 months my doctor said there was nothing wrong until I ended up in emergency for an immediate hernia operation.

I can think of one thing you can be thankful for. You did not have to stay in the hospital for any length of time, it's not much but it is something to be thankful for.

Blessings & Bliss

Toriz said...


I'm sorry; both that you're not doing well, and that you had to deal with that attitude from Tom.

flyingbeader said...

hope you are better. BTW, lymph nodes will flare up during allergy season. I have one that has always been there since 1982 when I was doing my internship. I was scared to death thinking I had cancer, but it was just inflamed and it has never gone away. Most of the time it is just a tiny lump that I can feel, sometimes it gets huge enough to see, but I don't worry about it anymore. It is just a part of my life