Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ten days of Thankfulness-Day 2

Today I would like to say I am thankful for my "past and present"  constant companion.

My Cats. There were others along the way, often there were 2-3 at one time.
But this magnificent creature was my Baby for 17.5 years (she was put down exactly 1/2 way through her 17th year) she was having intermittent kidney failure and he woke up one day, totally blind. the vet says there is a thing with elderly cats called "sudden blindness syndrome" broke my heart to see her that way, and it broke my heart to do what I had to do, but I HAD to do it!  She was the most loving cat we have ever owned, and all the kids used to fight over, who would take her with them when they moved out, LOL! Mostly my oldest daughter considered her, her cat!  Even though, she hasn't lived here in years, visited seldom, and now is completely estranged...I know she carries pictures of "Boots" (who we actually called Bootsie) in her wallet. There wasn't a dry eye around the day we took her to the vet. even my "grizzly" hubby was choked up. Bootsie is buried out in the woods behind the barn/garage with all of our other lost pets.

When I was so sick with the MRSA and in bed, she NEVER left my side in the bed except to quickly eat, drink and use the litterbox. Amanda used to call her my "live-in nurse" whereas she referred to herself as my private nurse, she hooked me up to my IV, every night, and every morning for 6 weeks. and then every morning for the other 18 weeks, occasionally Ron or Tom would fill in for her, but she was the one that cared for me helping me to bath, dress, get my meds etc. Boostsie helped by keeping me warm, making me feel loved and content, keeping my BP down (so they say, LOL) and making me smile.

Bootsie was like that with the kids, she knew when someone wasn't well, and would stay with them.

Here she is:

 Bootsie was a Black Calico (vet says it is considered Tortoise shell)

She was put down the first week in December 2009
Rest in peace, My beloved Bootsie!

The 2nd week in January 2010, a black calico just showed up in our yard. At first I thought ok, maybe one of the neighbors got a new cat. I thought perhaps our neighbors next door who just finished their Stable and got horses, so we thought perhaps this was their "barn cat" to keep out the mice.
after another week, I decided to inquire with my closest neighbors (we all have acreage out here)  None of 4 families claimed her. Let me say here, that because of our "village's secluded location"  there are many animal "drops" out here, especially the end of tourist season in September.

I started putting dry food out across the driveway, about 100 ft from the house. A week later I moved it to a dead flower bed 20 ft. from the door. I noticed she wouldn't run now when she saw me coming out with the bowl, and a couple more days she was rubbing around my legs (giving me kitty hugs) and purring!  As it was getting colder etc. I tried so very hard to get her not to run when I reached for her, finally she didn't and I picked her up and moved her into our porch (enclosed but no heat) After another week, and everyone petting her and letting her sniff, she was getting used to Ron and Amanda, still only allowing me to pick her up. When she started letting Amanda pick her up, I knew it was ok to move her into the house. At this point let me tell you we still had one of our "somewhat Ferrel-rescue  male cats; "KitKat". They already knew each other's scent from being outside.

I named her "Pretty" because she truly is. My son was still in NC when we got her, and knew about her but never saw her except for a picture or 2 on FB. When he moved back home in May, he was amazed at how much she looked like Bootsie from the back, and her similar resemblance from the side. Her face was another matter, but he did agree that the name was perfect for her.

Was it Fate? The Cosmos? A Goddess or God?  My Guardian Angel? Somehow she was meant to be here for me.

Pretty is NOT totally like Bootsie, she does have her moments when she wants to be left alone, or doesn't want to be touched and she will give a throaty growl to let you know.  However as more and more time goes by, she is becoming my "shadow" and constant companion.
The vet gave her a clean bill of health, and said she was no younger than a year old and no older than 2 or 3. We decided she was 2, take the middle. :)   Therefore, now going on 4.

Here she is:

 With the Late KitKat, looking out the window

 Rolling around in front of the burning woodstove
 Hiding behind a blanket and the couch...she loves to do this! She even LOVES when I play "peek-a-Boo" with her.
 With the new kitten we got for her to be a playmate "Maggie", my Daughter ended up taking her for herself, so now " 'Lil Maggie" only gets to see us sometimes.

 Outside, she loves to be out an hunt, when the weather is nice!


Liz Revit said...

Beautiful post about your cats. They're magical creatures!

ike said...

Such beautiful kitties. I reckon you are right about Pretty coming along. She knew you needed her. Lovely storty about the kitties - I just LOVE kitties :-) xxxxxxxxxx

hannelie said...

just came over to say 'hi'!
New DT member at IDIC!

Toriz said...

Oh, I love cats; and this was a beautiful post about them!

I think it was meant to be, and I'm glad Pretty found you after Bootsie had to move on...

Cindy Adkins said...

Aww, how precious, Susan! Happy Thanksgiving--I hope you have a wonderful holiday...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry, my book is only available for Kindle and for the computer (Kindle has a free app.) I've got the link at the top of my blog.


I Don't Do Straight said...

Susan... I got quite a fright when I saw the first photo of Pretty...... she is the double of a tortoise shell.... Hannah, I lost in 2002. She is beautiful, and does so suite her name :)