Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ten days of Thankfulness-Day 1

Today 11/16. I would like to say I am thankful for my Mother, I do not see or talk to her nearly enough. She is 85 now. She can not hear me at all on the phone, and it becomes a battle, and frustrating, so I do not call her. I do try to email her more often, but to tell you the truth, she does not go on the computer enough.

Anyway, my mother, though not a sweetsy, cuddly mushy kind of Mother, was a good mother none-the-less.
She is a very STRONG but QUIET woman. One can learn a lot being that way. and she did. In this up coming year, for Mother's day. I will delve into her life and show you all where I got my strength from.

But for now I will just say I am thankful for my Mom!
Mom and I Feb. 2009


Diandra said...

Does your mother like receiving letters?

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
i think blogger just ate up my comment.
I just wanted to say it was lovely to see your photo of you and your mom. No wonder you are thankful,she seems like a really great lady
hugs June x

Toriz said...

She sounds like a wonderful Mother; no wonder you're so thankful for her!

Beadwright said...

Susan you look like your mom. That is a compliment. You two look beautiful.
P.S. I grabbed your button for my blog

ike said...

It's a shame she can't hear on the 'phone - my Dad is the same, and he can't use his computer either !!! Love this photo :-) xxxx