Sunday, November 27, 2011

More than OVERDUE! Many Thanks and recognition!!

 a few months ago, I had a run of wonderful luck winning blog candy and giveaways. Some were smallish, some were medium, and this one was HUGE, and I felt so blessed. I have been trying to get the time needed to do a blog post worthy of this wonderful person's generosity and great talent!

Linda Iverson from Norway, was hosting a blog giveaway for her followers. there were 3 prizes. I won the BIG one. and then some!
That link is to her blog(liveartnow), her flickr is here. (please go visit her for a bit, after reading this, and give her some love, tell her I sent you)

The original prize was for one of her wonderful Polymer clay heart pendants, the coffee Table book "Polymer Clay Masters" a small blocked art canvas, and a print of your choice from her WONDERFUL Flickr photostream.  That was the rub.  I couldn't decide...all of her stuff is sooo awesome.

I told her that, and she said oh just let me know what you want, it doesn't matter how many.  She was so over-joyed with all my compliments; I got the impression she wasn't used to hearing them, and that surprised me as her work is top-notch!!

Linda is so very talented and gracious. I picked a handful, some based on music for my youngest daughter, 2 for my son, and some for me, one in particular was actually a double page out of her art journal.
Linda offered 3-4 sizes in the prints in cms, so of course I was messed up.  But basically I asked for the ones for my daughter to be small (like 5 x 7) since there were 5, the 2 for my son, med. (like 8 x 10)
and mine in whatever size she chose. Well the translation got the better of both of us I think, as my son's were the small ones and my daughter's the medium.  I dare not even breathe a word, as she was so very generous to begin with but it got even better!!!

When the package arrived it was a little beat up and I was so afraid something might have fallen out, but the rips proved to be only "skin deep" and my fear subsided. I opened the package which was quite heavy due to the weight of the wonderful coffee table book!

But YO-HO...I was BLOWN-AWAY!! The prints...were not JUST prints like I have won in the past from other artists. These were actually printed on canvas sheets.  I was sooo very touched and impressed!

On top of the initial prize of:
block canvas art
and 1 print (I got 4 about 8.5 x 11, 3  5X 7, 2  8 X 10)
Linda also sent:
a Fabulous 4 X 4
3 ATCs
an altered scrabble tile (I'll make this into a pendant for my daughter)
several ATC bkgds.
some paper to use for ATCs
fancy orange sequenced, elastic ribbon trim (I used some of this on that Halloween pencil cup I made)
4 fancy polymer clay words...True, Love, Forever, Enchanted
 some charms and an awesome little velvet bag and tag (the necklace came in this)

Here now I share my booty with you all!

 The heart pendant, bag and tag from it, the block canvas, and one print
 Block canvas "The Place of Dance"; note the real fabric trim all across the bottom
it says:
The Place of Dance is Within the Soul
 she makes so many of these, many more steampunk than this one!
 Lovely bag, beautiful tag, and I love all those charms :)
  a medium Print for me..."Love Never Ends"
 some of the prints
 "Birdlife"  I love this one, it is actually a large print from her art journal!
The quote says: 
God loved the birds and created trees
man loved the birds and created cages
by Jacques Deval
 this is a small print for Thomas; "Different"
it says:
have the courage to be
 Large print for Amanda; "I Love Music"
 Large print for Amanda; "Brown Bird Singing"
 Small print for me; "Hope"
 another shots of some of the prints
 Medium print for Amanda; "Poetry of Music"
 small print for Thomas; "What To Do?"
it says:
In Eternal Indecision
 small print for me; "Miracles"
it says:
Where Hope Grows, Miracles Blossom
 A large print of the block canvas I won, for Amanda; "The Place of Dance"
 The extra goodies!
 ATC bkgds. and that fun ribbon trim
 WONDERFUL 4 X 4, with some fancy lace fabric trim (again- I love that she uses fabric trim) the clay words,  & altered scrabble tile
 3 Gorgeous ATCs
 some neat paper to use :)
 AMAZING polymer clay creations in a FABULOUS coffee Table book

 just a sampling of some of the pages
 Look at these bracelets!
 earrings and necklaces
 Tea pots...I haven't read, but I am guessing these are just decorative.
 art dolls and statues
 clay renditions of flora and fauna
 more art dolls and statues

Am I not blessed?  What a wonderful gift, such Talent.  I hope to "purchase" or trade for some more of her work in the Future!  I am totally smitten!  I asked Linda to include signature cards for each print, as I plan on having them matted and framed.

Linda, a truer Artist has never stood before me! You are talented, yet humble. Thoughtful, generous and gracious. It would be an honor to meet you in real life!  Thank you for touching my life, and those of my 2 youngest children(I will have to get something for my other daughter, she is into music also, mostly singing.)  There is a lot of continueous "bad" that goes on in my life...the prints of love, hope and miracles will help to remind me, not to give up! Much Love n light to you!!


Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Wow Susan... These are absolutely beautiful!! You have definitely been blessed!!! Wow... I bet you will have so much fun learning from that book!!! I can't wait to see some of your upcoming masterpieces!!!

Toriz said...

WOW! Congrats on winning such an awesome prize!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

My goodness, that's an amazing haul you've got there!
Big congrats, you deserve it all.


LiveArt said...

Dear Susan,
I'm so happy the things that I sent you arrived safely :) I was afraid it all got lost in the mail, and I'm so happy to learn it was all good. Sorry about the misunderstanding regarding the sizes. If you want me to I'll send the correct sizes for you :) I'm so happy you like what I sent you and I hope you'll have fun with the goodies and be inspired by the book :)
thanks, hugs, smiles and blessings,

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Susan!
Me again. :-)
Yes, I did visit the link you sent me, thanks so much for passing it on!


Mina said...

Wow, Susan! It is like Christmas day for you. Congratulations!