Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winner for my "Giveaways, come and play with us!"

a flat rate priority mailer stuffed as much as legally possible with crafty goods...

NOW in case you have not been back to visit the post. It started out being a medium size priority box. But after following the rules of the blog that hosted this linky giveaway party. i went and checked out the other blogs signed up. 90% of them, had a closing date BEFORE the blog that hosted it, it's closing date...yes she stated the closing dates vary, but common sense would dictate that if the person who started this giveaway, is drawing her winner on Nov 7. than all of the people signing up should keep their giveaway open til at least Nov. 7.  THEY did NOT!
In addition, a good 80% of them wanted you to jump through hoops for just one entry (follow, post it etc)
Posting it, should ONLY be a bonus entry. nuff said!

So being that i am on disability, and living very cheaply, this pissed me off, and I decided, why should I continue to be overly generous...YES it IS who I am, I have always, ALWAYS been a giver. even since beginning my blog. I have had DOZENS of giveaways.  Things that I have gone out and bought or ordered online or Etsy, which means I am also paying for shipping. 

Yes, i have also been fortune it enough to win some giveaways also, many of them kind of on the small side, some of them, junk.  but a many of them wonderful prizes. Sadly 2 recent windfalls I have been trying to get the time needed to do them justice and blog about.  I will I promise in the next couple of days!

Now, filling a medium size box with crafty de-stash is definitely not an issue, the postage is.

The winner is someone that now I feel badly about changing this, so i am going to leave it up to her, if she is willing to send me the 2nd $5 to mail the box, I will send the box and not the mailer (this is flat and like 9 by 12, you can pack it a bit puffy...but there will not be any ink pads or anything lumpy in it.

Remember this will NOT be going in the mail until after TG.

NOW::::drumroll::::  the winner is:

Kristina...I'll be emailing you, but I'd like it if you visit this post.



Toriz said...

I agree; if you start something with someone else then you should keep it going for as long as them... Actually, if it was me I'd keep it open longer.

petoskystone said...

congratulations kristina!

Kristina said...

Whoot Whoooo! I won! Thank mr random and of course Thank you Susan!!

Petoskystone~ Thank you! :)

Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

Congrats Kristy!!! Way To Go!!!

Kristina said...

I just got my stuff in the mail today! Boy did I ever do the happy dance!! So much wonderful stuff, and stamps, stickers, fabric, oh my! So much was in there! Thank you very much Susan! You Rock!

Mina said...

Congrats to Kristina!