Saturday, November 5, 2011

A new Award!

A new award...I have several, but whilst building pages last year lost them off my blog...they are still in my archives and I have them saved in my pics, and I will be putting them back on my blog...which needs an overhaul desperately!

anyway, I am HONORED to receive the NEW "VERSATILE BLOGGER" AWARD from a very faithful Follower and friend from the UK, Tori. you can see that here!

THANK YOU sooo very much TORI!!
please visit Tori at TORIZWORLD and get to know her!!  She is artsy, quirky, fun, a writer, a solitary like myself, and an all-around great gal!

The rules for this award (like many)

1.) thank the person that gave it to you PUBLICALLY on your blog
2.) post a picture of the award in the blog post and on your sidebar (took all mine off the sidebar, and I am putting them on their own page)
3.) list 7 things about yourself that may not be common knowledge
4.) pass it on to 7 other VERSATILE BLOGGERS

ok my 7 things:

1.) I have worn many hats over the years, including: I was a US mail carrier for 7 years. I was a lumberjack (not like "ax men") but I have my own chainsaw and hubby and had our own "Tree service" for 5 years. I even pulled down trees 9 months pregnant with our son (I was the rope person). those 2 are the most interesting! but there are more.

2.) I am a published poet (just not for $$ like Jewel, LOL)

3.) we live on 5 acres in the woods (NJ Pine Barrens) 25 minutes from the is awesome (except driving anywhere in tourist season)

4.) I have had 17 surguries (that includes a tonsillectomy and a tubal ligation) 4 of them were on the same wrist in a 6 month period. I got hurt on the job moving a patient, had repair and grafting surgery to fix the torn away (from both bones) ligament. the initial surgery was a success, but it was infected with MRSA 10 days later,  first I&D surgery removed the supporting pins and all the gook, I was then on an IV it was only supposed to be 6 weeks 10 weeks later, things weren't improving, and after a very special nuclear med. scan it was decided to do another I&D surgery (as suspected on the MR and Nuc med. images and xrays it had spread to a third bone, which we had discussed, waiting longer and taking the risk of it's continued spread, which could have led to the loss of my whole hand or take it then) so the three bones were removed, the gook cleaned out again, and this time they put a "bracelet" of antibiotic beads around my wrist on the inside, in addition to the IV. 6 weeks later there were no more signs of infection, they opened the wrist again, removed the beads, and 2 weeks later the IV was removed also.
so now 3 bones, 3-5 ligaments and some tendon and muscle shy in the left wrist and some permanent nerve damage, the wrist is a constant reminder as it is weak and in pain daily. They say it will have to be fused one day, which means there will be no movement except to go palm side up or palm side down.

Because the wrist and forearm were casted basically for 6 months, my right arm got over used, and I tore longitudinally a muscle that starts in the upper arm crosses over the elbow and attaches to the lower arm on both sides of the origin an down into the elbow area. the doctor basically "completed the tear by cutting it off at the tear, and whereas it usually would have been attached at whatever point it was close to on the bone, due to the MRSA he was taking no chances and attached it to the other muscles at the elbow, so I am 4-5" shy of some muscle in my right arm around the elbow, but it gets it's strength normally from the upper arm, so because of that my right arm is actually weaker than the left one now.

5.) I had a 2nd trimester miscarriage at the age of 19, that was rough :(

6.) I have a BS in Diagnostic Imaging from Thomas Jefferson University in Phila. PA. my goal was to have my degree before turning 40, I graduated in May of 2000 and turned 40 in June of 2000... My oldest daughter graduated from HS in June of 2000 also. :)

7.) I am a former smoker, this past January 9th was my 15th anniversary of quitting. I was smoking just shy of 2 packs a day when I quit.

The 7 people & blogs I find deserving of this award are:
1... For always making me smile--Crislyn from SpiritDog Studios 
2...for the ability to share private things, the way I do, and also to teach without trying--Tamara from Riding on a Broomstick a fellow Jersey girl witch, who isn't afraid to say what needs to be said, and has always answered questions from  Dark Mother Goddess
4...for always posting something profound, important or informational---SophiaDawn from Walking a Wise Woman Path
5...for always having good art work to share, plus her own drawings as freebies on fridays---Suzy (Ike) from Ike's World
6... for always sharing neat stuff, recipes, crafts giveaways etc---Isabelle (Frenchy) from Le Chateau des Fleurs by frenchy
7... for being everything in one, witch wisdom, arts n crafts, and a generous and helpful friend---Kim from Tabby's Place


Anonymous said...

Thank you for nominating my blog for the award!

Toriz said...

You're very welcome; and thanks for the lovely things you said! :)

I enjoyed finding out more about you. :)

Man, and I thought I'd had a lot of surgeries!

Will have to check those blogs out when I'm feeling a bit better; speaking of which, how are you feeling? Better?

Mina said...

Congratulations on your award. I can't believe you were a lumberjack and actually did such strenuous work at 9 mos pregnant! You are THE woman!

By the way, you won my wand giveaway! Congrats on that as well. Please send me an email with your mailing address -

Hugs to you Susuan!

Isabelle Thornton said...

Thanks so much!
You are so sweet!!!
Have a super week-end :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!
Thank you sooo much for the award! This is my first award--I am so excited! But it makes me even happier that my blog makes you smile.
When I started my blog four months ago, I never dreamed what a world it would open up for me, or the wonderful friends I would meet. It was a real challenge to put myself out there, as I am a very private person. I am sooo glad I did!

I am so sorry you have had to go through so many surgeries. My husband had MRSA in his hand. It is VERY scary.

Congrats on your award. I will work on my post today and should have it up by tomorrow.

Thank you again!!

P.S. You were very close--I called Huey Monsieur Hubert--his 'formal' name. And yes, we have a grown son and identical twin grandsons. But now the furry kids rule!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh Susan I cringed with the sore wrist and all the MRSA business. What a bad time you had.
Its so much fun learning more about Blog Buddies, Hazelxox

Anonymous said...

Why thank you ; )

ike said...

Oh, cooool - Thank you :-) xxxx