Friday, November 11, 2011

Samhain, the last day. Speaking with my Father

The end of Samhain this year was Nov. 10th

All through Samhain this year, it was my goal to do a small ritual at my Father's graveside (niche--he was cremated and is in a "wall" in a veterans cemetery). Sadly this never came to be.

My Driver's License is expired and that is my own fault for letting it expire...I am as most of you know-disabled. I do not go out much. It was up to my son to get me there, because he is selfish, and disrespectful, and could care less about his grandparents (alive or dead) I never got there.

Last night I did my little ritual at my home, at my small alter with a picture of my Dad, a little tombstone and my white skull candle, which I had charged with the symbol and oil of Isis, along with a crystal. I also charged myself with the oil of Isis.

I had planned on writing a lovely incantation, a poem of respect, retrospect and celebration. or just some wise words. In the end I did what I did a few weeks back (which did cause some magick to happen) which was to just "speak" with Isis and Hecate, and my Dad.

I spoke of memories, good and bad, I spoke of missing him, and missing him when he lived in FL for so many years, while my children were young and growing. I spoke of times where I felt he had let me down, as well as times, he lifted me up. I asked for help and guidance, clearly spelling out the major, MAJOR problems, we, I am facing right now, and the not so major ones. I asked Hecate and Isis and my Dad to reach out to all ancestors that shared my blood, to come to me in thoughts and dreams with their wisdom, with their help. To show me signs. To love me, to lift me up, to show me I matter.
I had a bit of cake and drink and bit and sipped in their honor. I held my palms out to feel for them for many quiet moments. I did not feel them, but my cat wrapped around my legs, and I took that as a sign. I lowered my palms, and opened my eyes, and then stared into the candle flame and just meditated in quiet on the thought of help from beyond the veil, help from my ancestors, help from my Father.

I also meditated on the thought of Isis helping me, as she has in the past, and Hecate and her strong connection with the ancestors. After some time, my cat came and wrapped herself around my legs again, and at that very moment a strong wind gusted enough outside to be heard. I took both of these actions to be a sign to end my meditation, and dose the flame on my candle. When I lay my head down to sleep I will have a "talk" with my father God, The Great Spirit. The God of my Ancestors, who is also known as The Great Father, or Grandfather.


Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Susan,
I am sorry that you did not get to go to your father's graveside but I like all the things you did to remember him. Very touching and interesting post. Take care and my best wishes to you. I am a new Follower of your Blog.

Steph said...

Susan, I am sorry to hear you didn't make it to your Father's graveside, I know you were looking forward to this ritual. I am glad to know you did you own thing at home and I hope you receive the guidence you seek and the help you need. Take care ~steph

Toriz said...

It's a shame you didn't get to go to your Father's burial place as you had hoped/planned. It sounds as though it was a beautiful ritual though, and judging by your cat's behaviour I would say you were heard. *Hugs*

Sara said...

Susan... So sorry that you were not able to do your grave site ritual! I very much have enjoyed reading about what you were able to do instead!!! Remembering and Honoring is a wonderful thing!!!! Hugs!!!

Connie Mitan said...

I'll add to the folks who are sorry that you weren't able to go to the grave. It's a shame when you want to do something as touching as that and cannot.

The ritual you did preform, however, seems very appropriate, and I hope you did receive the guidance you asked for.

Thanks for sharing with us at Pagan Blog Prompts!